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Here we have some of the worldwide movieposter-art for West Side Story from the 60’s:

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B) If the film West Side Story would’ve been rendered into “just another” Elvis Presley movie.
Historical accuracy aside, the story was a very dramatic one that delved into Lawrence’s psyche as he journeyed from man to legend, and then back to man again. The writers kept enough truth in the character to allow O’Toole to be convincing. At times he was sane, at times he was crazed, and at times he was lost between the two. Sometimes he seemed to hate killing while at other times, it is revealed that he actually derived pleasure from it. Sometimes he was full of confidence, and the next minute he would be completely deflated. These contradictions made him seem simply unstable, but very interesting to watch.

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The idea of Elvis Presley playing the role of Tony in the film West Side Story is an interesting idea, but I seriously wonder if:
OK – this is going to be a difficult review for me. It has been my goal to be as objective as possible in my reviews, and though I know I am not always successful, I do my best. West Side Story is a film that I have seen more times than I can remember. I am a fan of musicals and this show has always been one of my favorites, largely because of the movie. I have enjoyed watching it since I was a child. How can I be objective?


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Elvis Presley was asked to play the lead role of Tony in West Side Story (1961)
So, let’s take a closer look at those three aspects of genius associated with West Side Story. Bernstein’s music was truly inspired. I believe this was some of his best work, and that is saying a lot for the prolific composer. The score was so memorable that some of the songs have become staples of American pop culture. The songs One Hand, One Heart and Somewhere are used over and over again for weddings. America and Tonight are instantly recognizable hits. Even songs like Gee, Officer Krupke and I Feel Pretty are fun songs that are beloved by anyone who knows musical theatre. The score is exciting and full of energy and is a pleasure to listen to.

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"West Side Story" was the kind of musical people thought was good for them, a pious expression of admirable but unrealistic liberal sentiments, and certainly its street gangs at war -- one Puerto Rican, one the descendants of European immigrants -- seem touchingly innocent compared to contemporary reality.

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The story is the weakest part of West Side Story. The Romeo and Juliet story is a tired story, and I can’t imagine that even back in 1961, it wouldn’t have been old. The only difference in the story of course is that they couldn’t go through with killing Maria and you get Natalie Wood’s big speech at the end. I think the movie would have been better served if Maria had died. The movie for the most part does follow the stage play but is a bit less edgy and plays with the order of some numbers.

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I hadn't seen it since it was released in 1961, nor had I much wanted to, although I've seen "Singin' in the Rain," "," "," "" and "" countless times during those years. My muted enthusiasm is shared. Although "West Side Story" placed No. 41 in the American Film Institute's list of the greatest films of all time, the less industry-oriented voters at the Internet Movie Database don't even have it in the top 250.

It’s hard to feel manly watching West Side Story

The movie looks exceptional. It was shot on the actual west side of Manhattan and Wise and Robbins really made the movie pop with color and shooting style. It is full of bright colors and greatly choreographed scenes. Granted, the Sharks and the Jets are the least threatening gang members ever, they could dance you to death. Combine the great looks with the strong and memorable musical and you have a winner.

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West Side Story is a movie that has had reaching influence so it is worth seeking out in this aspect alone. Its record haul at the Oscars made it most Oscars for a musical and one of the biggest winners of all time. Even if you aren’t huge into musicals, it can still be an enjoyed ride.