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In their memory and in the tradition of honoring the "Bravest of the Brave", thesesoldiers are saluted.

For most of the Indian Wars Buffalo Soldier uniforms (1876 on), see

History and photos of the soldiers and civilians set to defend the U.

In the aftermath, five Buffalo Soldiers lay dead with their bodiesstaked to the ground.
Then in late October a revenge-bent party of Kickapoos drew first blood from the Buffalo Soldiers. They ambushed and killed Corporal Emanuel Wright and Private E. T. Jones of D company, as they escorted the mail from Camp Hudson to Fort Stockton.

Buffalo Soldiers of the American West

The raiding warriors turnedon them, wounding three soldiers and killing six horses.

Citation: Rushed forward to the rescue of a soldier who was severely wounded and lay disabled, exposed to the enemy'sfire, and carried him to a place of safety.


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Five soldiers,three scouts and thirty-two horses lay dead after the bloody battle.
The participants range from pre-teens to adolescents. They are participating in a prevention program with the written consent of parents, guardians and the local court system when applicable. On the mild side, they range from individuals with extreme rude and disrespectful behavior to parents, teachers and the laws of our community and, on the sever side, individuals who have assaulted their parents, slashed car tires, stolen cars, done drugs and failed in their academic programs. Some of them have already engaged in criminal behavior and have been part of the past and present criminal justice system. Their parents have turned to America’s Buffalo Soldiers as a “last resort”. No other form of self-imposed parental discipline, psychological counseling or court punishment has altered their behavior. These individuals are not participating in America’s Buffalo Soldiers to be coddled. They are there to understand that their behavior is unacceptable and be taught to redirect their substantial negative energy in a way that will positively impact their lives and the lives of everyone around them. These children are guilty of adult and community abuse… not victims of child abuse.

For early Indian Wars Buffalo Soldier uniforms (until 1876 or so), see

That leaves the myth of the untold story. On the scholarly side this myth found expression as recently as 1999 in historian Charles Kenner’s assertion that the Buffalo Soldiers' "lives and deeds have largely been overlooked." Only the year before, Bruce Glasrud's bibliography on African Americans in the West contained over twenty-four pages and more than 300 entries devoted to the black regiments. On the popular level, General Colin Powell’s highly publicized dedication of the buffalo soldier statue at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in the summer of 1992, made the buffalo soldier into a well-known, widely familiar cultural icon, adorning tee shirts, refrigerator magnets, phone cards, jigsaw puzzles, and coffee mugs. Buffalo soldiers also became the subjects of western novels, bodice rippers, children's books, plays, movies, and popular songs. By the turn of the 21st century, there were also statues of black frontier-era soldiers at five western posts, most recently one dedicated at Francis E.

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Army between the Civil War and World War I. I found their history intriguing and important because they were pioneers in post-slavery America, the first black soldiers allowed to serve in the regular Army, staking their claims on citizenship by serving their country and doing so within a pervasively racist context that limited their occupational mobility, caused humiliation, and sometimes put them at personal risk.

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By December a force of Kickapoos, Lipans, Mexicans and some white renegades, estimated at nine hundred strong, attacked the bivouac of Captain William Frohock and K Company at Fort Lancaster, some seventy-five miles (as the crow flies) east of Fort Stockton. This was the Buffalo Soldiers first opportunity to face their foes "toe to toe". It turned into a vicious three- hour fight, leaving K Company in possession of the field. Their victory was twenty dead and a large number wounded. But they had also suffered, the loss of three herd guards. Privates Andrew Trimble, William Sharpe and Eli Boyer were taken by surprise, roped and dragged away. Now missing and presumed dead. But this fight proved the virtues of hard work, discipline and a sense of purpose. It showed the Ninth that they were combat effective, at least to the ones that fought that day.

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Schubert, challenges modern popular perceptions of the soldiers, among them the significance of their name and the nature of their views of the native people against whom they fought. His argument appears below.

On and off for about forty years, I have been writing about the men and families of the black regiments that served in the U.S.


In 1916, the troops at Fort Huachuca followed Pancho Villa into Mexico on a mission known as Pershing's Punitive Expedition. Captain Young led a cavalry charge against Villa's forces in which not a single soldier was harmed. Because of his exceptional leadership of the 10th Cavalry, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and was briefly Fort Huachuca's commander.