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This project showcases examples of health literacy activities across Canada ( [ac cessed December 10, 2012]).

Within New Zealand, poor health literacy rates are of concern.

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Develop and disseminate clear summaries of health literacy research for consumers.
The purpose of this assignment is to discuss health literacy, as well as to provide strategies that can be applied to improve high literacy rates within New Zealand....

The components of Balanced Literacy and strategies for the classroom

Undertake an audit of the organisation’s materials and environment to identify and eliminate barriers to health literacy (NSQHSS 1.18).
Digital literacy is an evolving concept. Though there is no standard definition, digital literacy generally refers to a variety of skills associated with using ICT to find, evaluate, create and communicate information. It is the sum of the technical skills and cognitive skills people employ to use computers to retrieve information, interpret what they find and judge the quality of that information. It also includes the ability to communicate and collaborate using the Internet—through blogs, self-published documents and presentations and collaborative social networking platforms. Digital literacy has different meanings at different stages of a person’s life. A fourth grader does not need the same skills or type of instruction as a 45-year-old trying to re-enter the job market. Digital literacy is a necessary life skill, much like the ability to read and write.


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George Isham described some of the ideas he gleaned from the presentations. One point is the importance of defining health literacy in a way that is appropriate to the individual country and the local population and culture. There are also economic constraints to moving forward. Three presenters talked about the attributes of health literacy. There was also an Institute of Medicine discussion paper that described the attributes of a health literate organization. Sharing these ideas is a good way to move forward. Also important, he said, was the idea that expertise should be shared among those involved in health literacy.

An independent study commissioned by the FCC and conducted by the Social Science Research Council used qualitative research techniques to examine broadband adoption and use in context, particularly in low-income communities. The report draws on focus groups, interviews and group conversations with non-adopters, librarians, community organizers, teachers, human service workers, health professionals, AmeriCorps volunteers and others involved in supporting digital literacy and broadband use in their communities.

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Lynch said that it is important to find out who is ready for health literacy because timing is important. A new government took office in Ireland 2 years ago. They are busy producing their own policy papers and health strategies. When new national or health strategies are developed, it is easier to incorporate health literacy from the beginning than to try to add it later. Start reading policy papers and action papers, start examining new health initiatives, she said.

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where can one begin to do something? For a long time, the problem was looked at as a public health and health promotion issue, she said. But once health literacy was seen as an issue on which health services can take action, the organization has begun to move forward, Dunbar said. Raising the profile of health literacy nationally is important and is a strategy that was successful in other areas of commission work, she said.

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Vamos said she thinks an intersectoral approach is a step in the right direction. While there are pockets of health literacy across Canada, the nexus of activity is in British Columbia, largely because there is a health literacy network there which is, in reality, a network of networks and includes a mental health network, a library network, and a seniors’ network. This intersectoral work provides momentum and infrastructure, she said. For example, the mental health network has a health literacy director, funding, and a provincial mandate and strategy for mental health literacy work.

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Dunbar responded that the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care has also been wondering where to begin because issues of health literacy seem to be such a huge problem. Although it is recognized that health literacy is an important aspect of high-quality care,