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The lesson I learned in my 30s that changed how I live my life How this one realisation can take the pressure off and allow you to live the life that you want

The life review is for educating us about life and death

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“Cause life is a lesson, you learn it when you’re through.” – Limp Bizkit
Life changed after that. I’m taking DOUBLE DEGREE in NTU, with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP that’s worth 80-100k (with no bond!). I have since started my own businesses and have helped in another business with position of a Sales Director, leading a team of 30 people (At the age of 20 during my NS period hahaha). I have also since then worked in DBS (International Trade) and HSBC. Life’s amazing

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I have done the action plan of success. I am doing this not for the sake of doing this but, because out of all the camps that I attended, I have never been this motivated to succeed in my life. I took whatever I had for granted. The techniques that Adam and the trainers taught me has changed my life forever. I will always remember what you have done for me and will teach this lessons to my future children. And for that, I thank you.


Just like today, it depended where you were

Therefore, after I finished the programme, I asked my mom to visit us happily. In the meantime, I did the 7 day mental diet. I changed what I thought about her. I changed the way I talked to her, even when I disagreed with her. I controlled my emotion better, I think. And I did it. One week passed by, and we can live together peacefully. One thing that has not happened before. Thank you.

It made me started to think how can i be like you?
I have been working for so many years and never think that actually i could do something about my life to change the way i live my life now.

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This year we read a novel called “A Lesson Before Dying”, and in it there was a character called Jefferson, and he didn’t know that his life could change so much in just a day.

Live by The Four Agreements. Live a Better Life.

"Then he showed me the reversed side of the ripple effect. I saw myself perform an act of kindness, just a simple act of unselfishness, and I saw the ripples go out again. The friend I had been kind to was kind in turn to one of her friends, and the chain repeated itself. I saw love and happiness increase in others' lives because of that one simple act on my part. I saw their happiness grow and affect their lives in positive ways, some significantly. My pain was replaced with joy. I felt the love they felt, and I felt their joy, and this from one simple act of kindness. A powerful thought hit me, and I repeated it over and over in my mind:

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Near-death experiencers have affirmed that so-called evil is, in reality, ignorance (darkness). In the Bible, light is always a reference to God and knowledge of God. Those people who lived a life of darkness (ignorance) will find an incompatibility with their true nature (divinity). This self-realization can truly be a hell for such people. This realization is self-realization and self-judgment. Below are verses that suggest self-judgment.

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I hope that with the mindset and skills equipped from your books, I will be able to find the way and create opportunities for myself. Because I really want to be like you, I will follow my mission to the end, whatever happens and whatever obstacles impede. However, I observe that not everyone has sufficient willingness to learn and really apply the strategies in the books. It’s such a pity, and therefore we are here to bring real-life examples and motivate them to change.