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Therefore, “Sonny’s Blues” is, in part, a story about the narrator’s misreadings and his inability to read properly.

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Although the setting of “Sonny’s Blues” causes the story’s characters to have tragic lives, Voshell claims that through their struggles, the characters are able to become more appreciate of life in general.

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Sherard continues her article by describing how the title of “Sonny’s Blues” causes the reader to question the “very nature” of the Blues Sonny does play.


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Perhaps it's possible then to see Baldwin's title as an invita- tion to question the very nature of the blues Sonny plays. Taking up Houston Baker's notion of the "blues matrix," in addition to the astute research of both Savery and Richard N. Albert, can help to illuminate Baldwin's treatment of the "metaphorical nature of the blues matrix" (Baker 10) and its relationship to jazz, as well as the cultural assumptions under which this treatment oDerates. And this, in turn. allows for a more "trained." as Baker Gight put it (8),interpretation of a text that is multivalent not only in its play of language and imagery, but also in its relation- ship to what the transition from the blues to iazz means in ~&lemand in the larger context of urban Ahcan American cul- ture. Baldwin's story ultimately signifies on, or repeats with a dif- feren~e,~

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This idea highlights Baldwin’s “treatment of the metaphorical nature of the blues matrix” as well as its relationship to jazz and the cultural assumptions it operates under (691).

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Sherard opposes this view and claims that in the final scene of “Sonny’s Blues,” Sonny is playing jazz, and more specifically “Bebop,” rather than traditional Blues which is a cultural context few analyses seem to focus on.

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Sherard then states how this interpretation of “Sonny’s Blues” is a more “trained” one that is multivalent in its relationship to the transition from traditional Blues to jazz and what that transition means in Harlem as well as the larger context of urban African American culture.

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Tracey Sherard argues in her article that most analyses of James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues” focus on how Blues music reconciled the relationship between Sonny and his brother and perceive the Blues through a superficial lens.


Therefore, “Sonny’s Blues” not only thematically addresses the intersection between the Blues and jazz, but it also addresses the “need for a new form of cultural narrative as a repository for the experiences of African Americans” (691).

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Tackach goes on to compare the similarities between the Prodigal Son parable and “Sonny’s Blues” describing how they are both tales of sin and redemption.