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Mar 20, 2014 · After six seasons, USA Network is officially hanging White Collar out to dry.

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2 quotes from A Dry White Season: ‘I had never been so close to death before
And then she jumped in front of it on the tracks." pg 260
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Marxist Theory
The lashes on Jonathans behind: Are a symbol of the oppression and injustices that they face as a result to apartheid, Jonathan’s trial was unfair as he wasn’t offered a lawyer and his father wasn’t able to attend.
Ben Du Toit: Ben, a school teacher is an advocate to the black population of South Africa.

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A Dry White Season portrays many powerful themes and concepts, and opens the readers eyes to the harsh realities of South Africa during the apartheid.


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"A Dry White Season" shows brief views of a victim of torture, bloodied and disfigured, children being indiscriminately shot to death and beaten by police, a boy's caned buttocks, and scars from beatings on a man's back.

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