• Legal abortion did not reduce child abuse.
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This whole "unwanted child" mentality is a fraud perpetrated by the abortionindustry to create a demand for their product.

Legalizing abortion was supposed to help reduce child abuse, ..

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I'd say the abortion-as-a-cure-for-child-abuseexperiment was an utter failure.
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For example, in the guise of promoting "choice" and a "woman's right to choose," . All living things seek to live. Self-preservation is perhaps the strongest instinct of all. Biological science is filled with examples of self-preservative behaviors by animals of all sorts. Although babies at all stages of their development are dependent completely, they nevertheless show their choice of life in everything they do. Once born, they seek nourishment and warmth. Their cries alert the mother to their needs. This demonstrates the instinctive choice of life by the child throughout the day, throughout their lives. If we must speak only of "women's" right to choose, ? Abortion is used to end the lives of more girls than boys, so any talk of women's choice is an appalling deception.

Abortion legalization and child living ..

If it's not therapeutic for the mother, and itincreases child abuse--why are we doing it?
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Since abortion was legalized, teen pregnancy has skyrocketed. The number of childrenliving in poverty has steadily grown. More and more children are living in single-parenthouseholds. Every misery that women and children can be forced to live under has gottenworse.


Child sexual abuse is preventable ..

5. Abortion increases guilt and self-hatred, which the parent takes out on the child.
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Unwanted pregnancies are not just about incontinence or the results of rape, they can also be about bringing a child into a home of domestic abuse or about a woman being honest about her unfitness as a mother.
Men can be promiscuous with little consequence so why do we have this double standard for women?

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We know that involuntary medical killing occurs when euthanasia is legalized. The studies in the Netherlands reported, "There were one thousand cases [of euthanasia] And that was 1,000 cases a year in such a tiny country. Just imagine how many medical killings that would equal in the United States if the same rate applied here. I believe that we are experiencing that rate of involuntary medical killings (of many sorts), all hidden behind the HIPAA privacy shield. No one should have the right to make that decision for you.

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So, we get more lies from those who promote abortion, contraception as well as euthanasia and Third Way hospice killings. Planned Parenthood likes to claim it provides "many" services for "women's health," yet, "." Clearly, Planned Parenthood is almost totally about providing abortions! Seeing how Planned Parenthood and other organizations like it work helps us understand the culture of death seeking to end life at any stage of life. What does Dr. Martin Luther King's niece, Alveda King, have to say ?

are murder and extreme levels of child abuse

“But Sailer shows that the cohort of 14-to-17-year-olds born after the Roe v. Wade decision was much more likely to commit homicides than the cohort of 14-to-17-year-olds born before Roe v. Wade. Similarly, the percentage and the number of violent crimes committed by those between the ages of 12 and 17 spiked in 1993 and 1994, over twenty years after abortion was legalized. Economists John Lott and John Whitely have made similar arguments in an article published in the academic journal Economic Inquiry, titled ‘Abortion and Crime: Unwanted Children and Out of Wedlock Births.’”

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“Steven Sailer has presented a devastating critique of Levitt and Donohue’s research [that posited an abortion-crime link]. He argues that the end of the crack-cocaine wars, not legal abortion, was largely responsible for the crime rate decline in many cities. More importantly, he shows that we can easily test Levitt and Donohue’s hypothesis by breaking down crime rates demographically. If their theory is correct, there should be a sharp decrease in the crimes committed by young people.

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However, in order to "sell" abortion, contraception (which are abortifacients in many cases by preventing implantation), embryonic stem cell research, cloning, etc., people are indoctrinated to believe the clearly mistaken idea that a human being does not exist as a person until the baby is born, or is implanted in the womb, or is a certain number of days, weeks or months old, or whatever the secular "bioethicist" fancies at the time.