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Again, nuclear power is anything but cheap; particularly with regard to future generations.

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Major Sources of Energy: Their Advantages and Disadvantages

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Nuclear power is enormous and relatively clean. Nonetheless, it produces radioactive wastes which are difficult to dispose. Moreover, accidents like Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster make the future of nuclear power uncertain. The potential benefits of nuclear energy can only be reaped if the associated health and safety concerns are addressed. Technological developments and public awareness are fundamental for successful exploitation of energy stored in radioactive nuclei.

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Contrary to popular (and even my own) belief – once constructed, the actual generation of electricity via nuclear means and general operating costs are incredibly expensive. Like the , the price isn’t clearly visible in the cents per kilowatt hour tag we see quoted by theindustry.


The initial construction costs of nuclear power plants are large

Building a nuclear power plant is an expensive undertaking, usually requiring a good deal of taxpayer money. Because of the long planning and building process; costs invariably blow out – again, it’s money that could be spent right now on renewables such as solar energy.

A solar power plant can be planned and constructed in a matter of months; a rooftop solar power system in a matter of weeks. A nuclear power plant can take decades – it’s not a short term solution for our energy needs by any means.

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The long term storage of waste is where much of the real cost of nuclearpower – the costs you won’t hear supporters mention – come into play. The poweralready generated by nuclear fuel will continue to cost future generations manybillions of dollars to watch over it for hundreds, perhaps thousands ofyears.

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The issue of radioactive waste is an important one. The more nuclear power plants we have, the more waste is generated and it only takes a single incident to affect a wide area – and for a very long time. The waste can also be used by hostile parties to create “dirty bombs”. Aside from the human costs of such devices being used, the environmental impact needs to be considered.

Various Advantages and Disadvantages of Biomass Energy

Harking back to the waste issue, imagine the cost involved with storing nuclear waste for thousands of years. I say “imagine” because nobody really knows what that cost will be. Additionally, the liability insurance subsidies the industry receives are so important that without them, nuclear power stations simply wouldn’t exist as the true price per kilowatt hour of electricity generated would be far too high.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Alternative Energy

Cooling systems for plants require huge volumes of water and a nuclear power station will use more water than a similar sized coal fired power station.

Nuclear energy is the energy that holds the nucleus of an atom

Nuclear power plants are thirsty operations. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, for every three units of thermal energy generated by the reactor core, two units of waste heat go into the environment.