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(1875). Congress attempts to provide a number of rights to African American during the Reconstruction era.

Commission on African American Affairs - Washington State

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Lawsuit accuses Walmart of racial discrimination, locking up African-American hair products
(1901). In this document, Conservative William Hannibal Thomas stakes out the problems and challenges facing African Americans at the dawn of the 20th century.

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(1948). The U.S. Supreme Court decides in an Oklahoma case that states must admit qualified African Americans to previously all-white graduate schools when no comparable black institutions are available.


Lawsuit accuses Walmart of racial discrimination, …

(1949). This is the complete 1949 edition of the book used by African American motorists to find accommodations across the nation which accepted black travelers during the era of racial segregation.

(1897) The American Negro Academy was an organization of black intellectuals devoted to the advancement of African Americans. Here is their founding constitution.

Department of African and African American Studies

(1867-1868). These four measures enacted on March 2, March, 23, and July 19, 1867, and March 11, 1868, established the basic provisions for Congressional Reconstruction in the ex-Confederate states including allowing suffrage for African American men.

(1873). The U.S. Supreme Court distinguishes between “state citizenship” and “federal citizenship” and narrows the scope of the 14th Amendment in regard to state actions.

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(1950). The U.S. Supreme Court rules in a Texas case that states must make equal educational facilities available to African American graduate and professional students.

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. This measure, the first civil rights legislation enacted since Reconstruction, provides guarantees for African American voting rights in the South. The Act also creates the U.S. Civil Rights Commission to investigate issues regarding race relations and racial discrimination.

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(1832). In 1832 African American women in Salem, Massachusetts organized the Female Anti-Slavery Society of Salem, the first abolitionist society sponsored exclusively by black women. Here is their founding constitution.

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is the first African American elected president of the Organization of American Historians (OAH). Four years later he will be the fiirst African American elected president of the American Historical Association (AHA).