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Likewise, in Franz Kafka’s novel, The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka created Gregor who has father issues and wants to run from society, but is not rich.

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This theme can be shown through Gregor Samsa, the main character in The Metamorphosis.
Both authors,Kafka and Hedayat, suffered from the modern society’s complexities andtortures that captured their daily lives and also they endured the lack of mutuallove and relationship among the members of their families and societies;thereby, they reflected all these concerns in the same way showing howcontemporary man tolerates hardships imposed by alienation and worldabsurdity in a similar way and on the basis of existentialism.

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Alienation is the process in which someone becomes foreign to the world that they are living in.
The relevance of alienation in society is represented through several pieces of modern literature such as the painting “Alienation Nightmare” by Sabu, the song “One” by Three Dog Night, and the film X-Men: The Last Stand....


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alienated. In body paragraphs discuss evidence provided by author. How the author lets the reader see alienation. Compare two characters. Explore how

Based on “Araby” by James Joyce and “Metamorphosis” by Frank Kafka. Choose 2 characters one from each story and explain why and how these characters are

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Elucidating how the two authors portrayedthese notions in similar or different ways led to the idea that the selected workswere similar to each other in terms of existential notions such as absurdity andalienation.

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When Gregor wakes up one morning and learns that he has metamorphosed and Gregor has been turned into a vermin, Gregor is surprised but he does not freak out very much about it and he comes to accept, as he must, the irreversibility of his new condition and pretends as though it is a regular day and tries to get up for wo...

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This study intended to illustrate and compare the specific existential elementssuch as absurdity and alienation portrayed by Hedayat and Kafka in TheMetamorphosis and The Blind Owl.

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This self-discovery a character finds can be found in the short stories "Araby" by James Joyce, "Bartleby the Scrivener" by Herman Melville, and "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka....

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After Gregor’s metamorphosis, or transformation, he is turned from a human being into a giant bug which makes him more and more distant from the people in his life....