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  • Wawa began in 1803 as a dairy farm
  • George Wood imported cows and sold “sanitary” milk

Norway is a complicated, beautiful, and a sought after country these days. This post describes thirty things you should know before moving to Norway.

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The company grew rapidly as demand for dairy products increased

That is not excusable, you should never isolate children to be ridiculed by their peers
I attended a four year school about 15 years ago and shortly afterwards tranferred to a votech school due to money and problems I had with the 4 year school. To be honest if I could have done it over I probably would have gone to the votech directly and saved myself a lot of time and headache (and money) but don’t interpret this as saying that a 2 year school is better vs a 4 year school. Not all schools are created equal and quite a few of them are crappy to be honest. The 4 year I went to in SD was a pile of junk despite it being highly rated and beloved by the community in general (I suppose if you haven’t gotten out in the world you might think this college is the greatest thing since sliced bread.) and I had a lot of issues with the professors and staff at the college basically being jerkoffs and the school being an overpriced daycare, to make a long story short. The 2 year school had better staff and was overall better relative to the previous school but still wasn’t great (I actually took a couple more classes at this votech a few years later and the school has noticibly dropped in its quality). I’ll admit that my study habits weren’t the best in college and I wish that my high school did a better job of informing me of what to expect in college…oh, and combine that with family problems and just a crappy community in general (schools in SD are bad to begin with).

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I spent the first four years post high school serving in the Navy. When I left the military I began college at the community level, and after about three semesters I have concluded that college is not really for me. First off, I feel I have learned more in the Navy then I can possibly learn in any college. Second, I have discovered I learn new things actually working in the field for which those things apply. This is a facet that is missing whole sale from the college experiance. Math classes are a great example of this. Why is math hard to students?? It is one of the few subjects taught with little to no connection to real world applications, aside from scant boring text book examples. Work experiance should be valued the same as college credits. Another huge learning resource…the internet. Todays youth can learn more about everything from the internet then they could most colleges. I now go to U of Google.


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High school should prepare students for life because that’s when public education available to all tax-paying citizens end, but most human brains aren’t fully developed until they are in their mid-twenties. Not a surprise considering the raging hormones during the high school years, it’s a wonder any teenager has the self control to study and get good grades.

I didn’t get a chance to read ALL the replies but it sounds like overall people are using this as an outlet to release their frustrations about their failed college experiences. The reality is aside from personal issues that may interfere…college is difficult. If it were easy, everyone would have a college degree right? Or there would be no need to celebrate an accomplishment above and beyond what is required of you as a child(i.e. High School). The fact is unless you are an heiress,techno/gidget geek who has the latest and greatest program under your sleeve, dance, sing, or play sports- school is definitely worth serious consideration. If it helps- I have been on both sides of the fence and school is much harder than working. But, school is much more fulfilling, and I got extremely tired of making tons of money (slaving) for some corporation looking to make the next cut to improve their profits- which could inevitably be my job. This is one tid bit everyone forgot to mention. What happens when you get laid off(which is really feasible in this economy) or fired and then you have no education to compete with other unemployed folks with advanced degrees? Your chances are really slim to getting a position when competing with those who actually have college degrees. Look at it this way- You only have to do college once, and then you have the rest of your life to do what you want! Be smart, pick a lucrative field of study and good school. Even the statistics show those with college degrees make more money over the life span when compared to those who don’t. I’m currently getting my PhD and undergrad is a breeze compared to what I’m doing now (and YES I overcame hurdles you wouldn’t believe). Just a small voice of reason to those looking for motivation-hang in there!

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I am a junior in college, and boy can I tell you people that the GE courses are your easiest time, after that it’s mostly writing and much more critical thinking. I am glad I read everyone’s post because I already knew that college somehow prepared you in some mysterious ways for the real world. Now I know that they are: work ethics, perseverance, critical thinking (including scientific and individual/sociological), networking, and others.
The most important thing is that you like or even love your major or focus, it will keep your incentive up. I love mine and plan on going through day by day, test by test until I graduate.
LOOOOL at # 205, she took rock formations class for an international relations major, lmfao. I have to say yes that is some BS. The guy with the required minor in his degree is complete cunt donkey too. And if the school you go to can’t even get enough seats in classes for people that need them, F that school. I go to ASU, 60K students, I haven’t had 1 problem with closed seating.

I’m 13 year old baseball player

College can be a once and a life time experience. It is a time to grow and time to prove to yourself that you can make it own your own. Of course, most high schools in the United States don’t prepare students for college, but if we really want to be successful in college or even life after high school that doesn’t involve going to post secondary education, we have to take the responsibility upon ourselves. We need guidance, but it is up to us to find that guidance. If we want something so bad, than we would chase it and not make any excuses. We can blame family or teachers for our mistakes or failures, but it is no excuse. We have to create our own change and escape the up and down cycle that has plagued this nation for too long. We are a new generation and it is up to us or to YOU to want to change. Don’t be afraid because there will be someone right behind us even though we don’t know it. The world is a big place, we need help to get prepared, and the only thing we have to do is to find that motivation. We can do anything we put our minds to.