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Apo-Sliding is a free game where you have to simply move the main character to ..

New-York tribune., October 13, 1889, Page 12, Image 12

> October 13, 1889 > Page 12, Image 12

Apo-Sliding is a free game where you have to simply move the main character to the exit
Cherish, I agree, but it is one thing to do it in your personal life and another to gamble with the country’s future. But, as I said, I’m voting Democratic no matter who the candidate is. Now if Bernie were to decide to run independently, I’m not sure what I would do but I would worry that a Republican might win, and for that reason, I don’t think he would do it actually. I don’t respect Ralph Nader at all for not conceding late in the contest and throwing his votes to Gore. He did the country no good at all. But, in some manner, I guess what happened was meant to.

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An interesting tidbit written by the woman I was giving archetypal astrology info to (she is not interested in astrology, but is an art historian, among other even more practical and useful things. “There was a version of the Cinderella story told in ancient Greece, with a main character, Rhodopis, (rosy-cheeked) in which the story follows a prince searching to marry the owner of a sandal.”


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My take on Juno started with the simple meaning of Wife. As I read more about her I saw that she was often assigned the characteristics of “jealousy and vengeance” by many astrologers. I don’t believe that was her nature, but rather, her way to express intolerance regarding her husband’s infidelities. In other words, she wasn’t meek or submissive. She was equal. Those negative attributes were assigned to her during the patriarchal period.

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Ann – I do think Bernie would push towards a progressive agenda and would make progress. He is more progressive than Obama. Right now he has put together his ideal platform that expresses the direction he wants to be promoting and moving in. Good luck to him, I say. One never knows. I also think Hillary will make a good president based on her huge amount of experience but she has baggage too and it makes me wary to think of how she is going to be positioned by the Republicans both in ads but in lying internet propaganda (whatever truth there is in the accusations will be totally magnified out of proportion). She does seem to have a lot of backing and support in the polls.

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The electorate rejected Bush’s right-wing agenda to privatize Social Security because it was a step too far. This also characterizes many of Bernie’s proposals, which do not have the widespread support of the American people.

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pisca and AA, I think sometimes what we do in our off hours is more revealing than we might want. Perhaps he’d like to try it with a killer whale…

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I’ve been wanting to make this comment here for some time. But it will still sound disjointed, sorry. I’m going to link to a tiny bit of a movie which I see as symbolic characters of the forces of our present dilemma. To me each character represents a planetary or a combination of planetary (and asteroid) energy and they reach a point where they must choose. Yet, each character is within all of us. Each energy is in our charts. We can choose within ourselves. Also we can choose to work with each other as a group with each member of a group expressing their energies (=dominant vibrations) in ways that add to the collective of the group. It is an artistic look at the world at this point in time (several decades at least).

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Reading this got me thinking about all the deaths currently occurring in the middle east, and leads my mind to thinking from another perspective – wondering how and when those souls will return to this plane of existence, and what lessons they might impart in future time.

Makes me dislike Rubio even “more”.

Sharon K – “I don’t have any proof but do sense a shift to the left on Hillary’s part — I think Bernie is giving her courage and she is disgusted with how she’s being treated by the Republicans.” Oh, how I love you! You truly are a much better person than I, as my skeptical self only sees someone who will say what needs to be said to get what she wants rather than what she believes. I guess my rose-colored glasses have gotten all fogged up by politicians in general. Saturn crossing my ASC took away my Neptunian idealism, and I must admit that I truly miss it!