• Psychology of Adjustment
  • Psychology of Women (DS)
  • Ethics and Professional Development in Psychology

- Anger Management for Children Term Paper delves into the causes of anger in children, and how to help them through it.

- Example of a Christian client as client centered counseling topic.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in the Department of Psychology.

Prerequisites:  Graduate standing in the Department of Psychology; consent of instructor.
Description: Contemporary theoretical and methodological issues in social psychology with special emphasis on the social psychology of the experiment and experimentation with the social aspects of human behavior.

overview of adult clinical neuropsychology ..

Prerequisites:  Graduate standing in the clinical program of the Department of Psychology.
PSYC 429 - (3) (IR)
Psychology of Aging
9 credit hours of psychology or instructor permission; recommended courses include PSYC 220, 305, and 321 or 420.
Seminaron current topics in gerontology, using multiple levels of analysis to understanddevelopmental changes across late adulthood. Covers issues regarding biological, psychological and sociological aspects of theaging process, emphasizing cognitive changes and their underlying neurobiology.


The ’Godfather’ of Black Psychology, Dr

PSYC 430 - (3) (IR)
Theories of Perception
PSYC 230 or instructor permission.
Perception is themeans by which we become aware of the world and of ourselves. This seminar presentsan overview of theories about perception including the following perspectives: philosophy, physiology, Gestalt psychology,cognitive psychology, ecology, and artificial intelligence.

PSYC 419 - (3) (IR)
Scientific and Technological Thinking
: Nine credits of psychology including PSYC 305, 306.
Explores the ways scientists and inventors think, using concepts, theories, and methods borrowed from several disciplines, but focusing especiallyon psychology. Topics include experimental simulations of scientific reasoning,a cognitive framework for understanding creativity, and modeling discovery ona computer. Cross-listed as STS 313.

1/12/14 An Overview of Dialectical Behavior ..

Explores psychology as an academic discipline, a career, and as a body of research. Focuses on critically understanding research, professional writing, and oral presentation skills. Includes a 60 hour (minimum) practicum in the community. Highly recommended: Prerequisites: PSY 201 or and PSY 202 or . Prerequisite/Concurrent: . Audit available.

An Overview of Nondirective Play Therapy November 10 ..

PSYC 443 - (3) (IR)
Community Psychology
PSYC 101 and one other introductory course in social science (e.g., anthropology, sociology, political science) or instructorpermission.
Introduces the major issues, methods and findings in the field of community psychology. Topics include the creation of settings, history andaction, ecological approaches, institutional change, problems of innovation and implementation, community mental health, and evaluation research.

Jennifer is introduced and provides an overview of her work and ..

– Dissociative Disorders research papers author the symptoms and signs of the psychological disorder that includes memory loss and identity change.

Department of Psychology - The University of Virginia

PSYC 445 - (3) (IR)
Introduction to Clinical Psychology
PSYC 341 and PSYC 305.
Overview of issues in clinicalpsychology including the scientific-practitioner model of training, reliabilityand validity of assessment techniques, validity of clinical judgment, and the effectiveness of psychological treatments.

Overview Psychology is the scientific study of ..

PSYC 412 - (3) (IR)
Psychology of Reading
PSYC 101 or 215 or instructor permission.
Analyzes thecritical psychological experiments which have influenced the way that psychologistsconsider topics in reading, such as text comprehension, parsing, and sentence processing.