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Shakespeare's use of symbolism and tone in this act further suggest that Romeo and Juliet were never supposed to fall in love.

The death of Romeo and Juliet was partially because of free will.

Romeo and Juliet also made selfish and immature decisions.

The play Romeo and Juliet was one of the most famous love tragedies ever written.
In spite of her good points, the Nurse is weak of will. She is unable to decide who is the better husband for Juliet: Paris or Romeo. She calls Romeo, a most excellent young man, courteous, kind and handsome, virtuous and she will do everything in her power to bring about their marriage. When Romeo is exiled, she feels Paris is a better husband for Juliet. To Juliet she says, “Paris is a lovely gentleman! Romeo’s a dis-clout to him!” She is vulgar and coarse, frequently displaying her lowly origin. Her dishonesty and disloyalty are found in her acceptance of a bribe from Romeo and deserting him in favor of Paris. For all her upbringing of Juliet, she is unable to understand her true feelings and fails to read her intentions when she apparently accepts Paris.

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The play concludes with Romeo and Juliet taking their lives just days after meeting.
Count Paris is a close relative of the Prince and, therefore, is not involved in the enmity between the Capulets and Montagues. Very handsome himself, he is attracted to the beauty of Juliet and asks Lord Capulet for her hand in marriage. As always, he is formal and proper in making his request. Paris’s first meeting with Juliet is at the Capulet dance, where he compares her to the other Verona beauties; he reassures Capulet that she is the girl he wants to marry. When he meets her at the Friar’s cell, Paris is courteous and complimentary to Juliet, but is somewhat perplexed by her behavior. His feelings on seeing Juliet dead are deep and real, making him much more human than he has appeared before. He is shocked over the disruption of his plans and grieved over Juliet’s death. He shows no desire to fight with Romeo at the tomb, but his self-respect compels him to arrest the man who, he thinks, is responsible for Juliet’s sorrow and death. He draws his sword when Romeo refuses to be arrested; in the duel with Romeo Paris is killed.


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And as we all know, it was Romeo and Juliet who chose to kill themselves.
Shakespeare is said to have created a masterpiece in the development of the character of Juliet. Her exquisite beauty and personal charms are amongst the finest in literature. In describing Juliet, Romeo captures the depth of her loveliness. “Juliet is the sun and the brightness of her cheek would shame the stars.”

Romeo and Juliet has remained a very popular play ever since 1595 when it was first performed....
It's also one of the most adapted plays of all time—Franco Zeffirelli made it into an Oscar winning film in and the play was also adapted into a Tony Award winning musical, (1957). Romeo and Juliet has inspired countless pop lyrics, like Taylor Swift's "," Dire Straits' "," and The Reflections' doo-wop style "." Almost any "forbidden love" stories can back to Romeo and Juliet, from to Stephenie Meyer's saga.

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Romeo is, indeed, young, inexperienced, hasty, and impatient. Upon first sight, he immediately falls in love with Juliet, but it is a much deeper and more genuine love than he has ever known. In haste, he also arranges his marriage to her, the very same night he meets her; the marriage is planned for the next day. In the same manner, when he hears of Juliet’s death from Balthazar, he purchases a powerful poison and kills himself without a second thought. Had Romeo only acted with a little more caution and deliberation, his tragic ending could have been prevented. Because of this incredible love for Juliet and desire to be with her for eternity, Romeo has been identified as one of the world’s greatest lovers.

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Juliet, who is almost fourteen years old, is the only child of the Capulets. She is blissfully ignorant of the ways of the world, and at the beginning of the play turns to her Nurse for guidance and advice. As the play develops and Juliet becomes the wife of Romeo, she quickly matures into a new person who can think for herself and stand on her own. She openly defies the Nurse and her parents. She screams at the Nurse, “Go Counselor,” and boldly resists her parents’ decision for her to marry Paris. Love has truly transformed her.

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Our point? Romeo and Juliet is at least partly a tragedy about the clash between private love (you and your honey) and public interest (convenient marriages, or paying bills, or raising a family). We may not have quite the same that Romeo and Juliet have, but intense, passionate love can be just as antisocial in the 21st century as it was in the 16th century. How do you negotiate the minefield? Well, hopefully better than Romeo and Juliet did.