• : Apache legend about a fight between Hawk and Bat.
  • : Legends from the Apache and other Texas tribes.
  • Apache Creation Myth by brayan bronko on Prezi

The coyote is one of several North American animals whose name has Native American origins.

: Apache legend about the trickster Coyote getting the better of Owl.

: Humorous modern Coyote legends from the Apache tribe.

In some Native coyote stories, he is even some sort of combination of all three at once.
Many a legend has been written by the Elders. Here are over 1400of their stories and teachings, split over eight pages. I have100's more Native American Legends to add, so please come back andrevisit. Thank you and enjoy reading.

: Apache Indian legend about how the curing ceremony began.

: Online compilation of myths and legends from the Chiricahua and Mescaelro Apache tribes.

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As well as our collections of tribal legends and legend archives, we also have several pages of comparative legends, for the (includingthe Micmac, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, and Abenaki tribes,) the (including theMohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, and Cayuga tribes,) for the (including theChippewa, Ottawa, Algonquin, and Potawatomi tribes,) and for the (including theWabanaki, Anishinabe, Menominee, Wampanoag, Shawnee, and Lenape tribes.) Since this page features primarily the native myths and legends ofNorth American Indian tribes, we have also begun a separate collection ofwhich may be interesting for purposes of comparison.


: Apache legends about how the animals became as they are today.

:    :  Jicarilla and Plains Apache legends about the origin of the buffalo herds.
We have indexed these stories tribe by tribe to make them easier to locate; however, variants on the samenative legend are often told by American Indians from different tribes, especially if those tribes are kinfolk or neighbors toeach other.

: A good series of books about Native myths and legends throughout the Americas.

Compilation of more than a hundred stories about Coyote and other Native American tricksters.
(Use discretion sharing these with kids as some of the stories contain adult humor.)

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Apache Creation Story - Indigenous peoples

Compilation of more than a hundred Native American trickster stories from all corners of the United States,
including many Coyote legends.

An Apache creation myth – The One Who Lives Above

Indeed, if the truth be known, the Mariner, Magellan, and Pioneer missions have forced astronomers to radically revise their previous assessments as to Venus' origin, nature, and geological history.

Native American Myths of Creation - Crystalinks

A work of profound national pride and historical importance, Edward S. Curtis’ The North American Indian is expected to bring $900,000+ when it makes its auction debut Dec. 11 at Heritage’s Political, Western Legends & Americana Memorabilia Signature Auction.

Native American Legends (Folklore, Myths, and …

The poets of the have assumed principal roles in oratory while defining present and presence; contemporarily interpreting value and condition; and performing intellectual reasoning which may very well present necessary prophesies of solution for our world. It is in these voices the culture resonates and is shared freely, and in these voices are indicators of deeper realms in actual presence within places of origin now often inhabited by representatives of nearly all peoples of the global planet. Whereas inclusions are also present of Indigenous American poets’ ventures to outside regions and continents as well.

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North American Indians tell many stories about the stars - individual stars and groups of stars. Often in these stories, the stars are referred to as "the People of the Sky World."