• That’s not how we judge ourselves though
  • being more loving to ourselves and to others.
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For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake.

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meaning each one of us, his or her self -- and was told to use
There is no such thing as a european nationality. if we are european, then we are so because it describes where we are from purely in a geographical sense. The EU is not a nation, although it thinks it should be. But Europe is not like the USA. We are not all one country. The EU is a re-run of the Austro-Hungarian Empire – too many different peoples and languages trying to fit into a single state. It can’t work in the long run.

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it means centuries of struggle for democracy and human rights were not in vain
Without UNITY it means nothing !! But if we are united as one people, no first class Europe, second class and third class, we might just be the greatest nation in the world !


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Without UNITY it means nothing !! But if we are united as one people, no first class Europe, second class and third class, we might just be the greatest nation in the world !

Guarantee of democracy, freedom of speech and press, travelling, economy. Diversity. Choice. Challenges. And if this is too little for you or means NOTHING, then please, bring the communism and USSR back and live with them. For Eastern Europe 45 years were enough, i think.

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You’re right Jason but that belongs to the past, in the mean time Europe has evolved (not allways in the good sense) and became the land where there were better living conditions for citizens and more respect for human life. It somehow started to change a while ago and that is the reason we must change the way things are being conducted…

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To hopefully have the best policies of every EU country being implemented into the worst countries to raise standards higher than what they were. But this does not always happen.

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How about changing our way of life, instead of being passively living in Europe what if we all start building a different Europe?
One that meets our expectations, that becomes a model to be followed instead one conoted to a imperialistic one, allways looking to medle in the internal affaires of other soberane nations, one that promotes peace instead of feeding terrorism and uprisings to create instability, wich final goal is to sell more weapons and to get access to coveted resources?

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What it means for us to be a european? It means a common history of the oldest countries in the world and the beginning of the civilization. But the most important, the common feeling that we don’t want to fight each other and repeat the horrors of the past. The common feeling in democracy as the best kind of political system, the common feeling in the Peace and the respect of human rights. The common feeling we need a unique market and a unique voice in the international system in the world. It means the biggest GDP in the world, thus the most important economic power in the world, even in time of the worst economic crisis that remind us we have to change some aspects and improve mistakes of the past. It means Erasmus Programs and interchange students. It means the democratization of the neighbour countries with a normative power, putting a positive conditionality to change countries that don’t respect the human rights. It means the biggest power in humanitarian aid in the world, so it means also the most generous power and we have to be proud about that. It means security for everybody,peace, democracy, human rights, but security as a normative and economic power not as military like China or USA, and also, we’ve to be proud about that. It means to be something in the world because every european country by itself, is no more than a litlte ant in the international system if you compare that one with China or USA, and probably a puppet of that one if this country moves alone. We have to change a lot of things, the way will be difficult, because also the challenge is really great. This crisis is an opportunity to improve, giving up is just too easy and just a excuse for some nationalisms to return to the past we don’t want again.