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She spent many hours tied to a commode (a chair with a potty) and was fed baby food by her brother who was not permitted to talk to her.

2. securely-attached kids are healthier and happier

Secure attachments and responsive parenting promote independence

Her parents did not spend any time with her and she was punished if she made any sound.
It's also linked with more secure attachment relationships. In one longitudinal study, mind-minded parenting at 6 months was correlated with more secure attachments at 12 months. Indeed, mind-minded parenting was a better predictor of secure attachment than were any other variables, including "responsive, sensitive parenting" (Meins et al 2001).

As noted above, (Mercer 2006).

Her mother regained custody of her and refused to allow anyone access to her.
Finally, positive discipline may help kids cope better with stress. One study of kids living in highly-stressed urban settings found that parents who identified themselves as practitioners of positive discipline were more likely to have children who were stress-resilient (Wyman et al 1991).


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Her father stated that she was 'mentally retarded', but we only have his word for that.
Among other things, it appears to -- helping children develop resilience in the face of adversity. It may also reduce a child's risk of developing behavior problems, and promote the development of moral reasoning (see below).

When they were discovered they had very little speech and communicated mostly in gestures.
However it could be argued that they treated her unethically by using her as a research subject instead of simply giving her the love and caring she needed.

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It is possible that the researchers had their own agendas that were not completely in Genie's best interests.
Koluchova reported a case study of identical Czechoslovakian twins who were discovered at the age of 7 years.

Like Iowa, in Romania, summers are warm and winters are cold.

They had been kept locked in isolation in a cellar with only each other for company, and had been mistreated and beaten, and so they had not formed any attachment with any adult caregiver.

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By the age of 14 years they had caught up to the extent that they were basically the same as other 14 year olds, and at the age of 20 years had above average intelligence, became university students, and were able to develop good relationships with others.

It seems therefore that, given the right sort of loving and caring environment and the opportunity to develop an attachment to a sensitive caregiver, the effects of privation may be reversible.

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Although the case of the Czech twins seems to show that the effects of privation can be reversed by providing a caring, sensitive and loving attachment figure, there are some important evaluation points that must be considered when making such a conclusion:

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Being able to form an attachment to another person, in this case the other twin rather than a caregiver, may have protected them from some of the negative effects of privation.