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Clearly, the emotional and behavioral difficulties faced by children with RAD are due to severe disturbances in attachment during infancy.

Reactive attachment disorder of infancy or early childhood.

Temperament and attachment disorders.

It is then the child's attachment style that causes the parent to be sensitive or insensitive.
A person's temperament in infancy may shape the way he will interact with his caregiver(s) initially, thus perpetuating either a secure attachment or a disordered one.

Reactive attachment disorder in maltreated toddlers.

This in turn will influence what attachment style the child will have.
Primarily the connection can be drawn between the disinhibited individual's ability to generate a form of attachment with any adult, and the histrionic individual's tendency to consider relationships to be deeper than they actually are. The concept relating RAD and temperament could be further illustrated by analyzing the ways in which that existing temperament may persist and result in other personality disorders later in life.


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The sensitivity of the parent does determine what the child's attachment style is.
This paper gives a review of the disorder as it is currently understood, including explanation of attachment theory, groups commonly affected by the disorder, and symptoms characterizing RAD.

This may lead us to believe that RAD is not an attachment disorder at all.
This however may not be an example of RAD, as it would be expected that a child with an abusive or neglectful parent would form a disordered attachment to the others too.

Common Causes of Reactive Attachment Disorder

Part of the severity of Reactive Attachment Disorder comes from the fact that it affects most of the relationships a child forms or is not able to form as a consequence of the disorder.

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One of Zeanah's main suggestions was that the requirement that the disordered attachment be exhibited across a wide variety of social contexts be dropped.

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Rochester Institute of Technology In the paper "Reactive Attachment Disorder: A Disorder of Attachment or of Temperament?" Wood maked some very strong conclusions, not all of which are supported by the paper.

Reactive Attachment Disorder vs. Attachment Disorder

If the requirement that disordered attachments be exhibited across a wide variety of social contexts were dropped, then a child who failed to form a secure attachment with an abusive caregiver but had many secure relationships with friends would be a candidate for RAD.

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Although paranoid personality disorder accounts for mistrust of others, the most obvious link is to schizoid personality disorder, which is defined by an impaired ability to form proper social relationships due to a lack of desire to form attachments to others. Similar connections are evident when comparing the disinhibited subtype of RAD to Cluster B personality disorders.

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In other words, as an individual with a temperament that acts as a diathesis to RAD ages beyond childhood, the temperament remains consistent, although it is analyzed and diagnosed differently. To further illustrate this concept, it may be helpful to consider the similarities between the primary subtypes of RAD and Cluster A and B personality disorders.