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weapons of mass disruption as the next stage in its slowly mounting campaign of attacks against America

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Fifteen years after the 9/11 attacks, Islamophobia is on the rise in America
voters, Al Qaeda's Yemen and Pakistani affiliates may launch election-eve attacks on the capitals of India and Israel along with America. Collectively, these plots will represent the logical continuation of Al Qaeda's relentless quest to incite the Apocalypse War and portray Bin Laden as the Muslim Messiah through the contrivances of October Surprises and time-scaled terrorism.

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Even 9/11 itself bore the hallmarks of nuclear brinkmanship as a humbling attack on the nuclear superpower that would quickly lead America into a war inside the lone Islamic nuclear power, Pakistan.


Satan on Our Dollar Bill - Jesus is Savior

And now the granddaddy insult of all is that they've build a giant penis-shaped building in honor of the Washington Monument, as a symbol of the secret societies and sick Masonic powers screwing Americans.

homeland as part of a gradually escalating prelude to the next 9/11, the high command now appears bent on goading America into diverting counterterrorism resources from the homeland to prevent a 9/11-scale plot overseas.

Reminiscent of Osama bin Laden's video message of June 2001 that was released two weeks before the scheduled launch date for the 9/11 attack in early July 2001, in October 2010 Bin Laden released an audio message containing unusually precise threats about an imminent plot against America.

Satan On The United States Dollar The Masonic Seal Of America

Bin Laden's careful attempts to portray righteous reciprocity for American "attacks" on Muslims could lead the syndicate to embrace overtly the use of sarin gas or a dirty bomb, in view of the recent use by America and Israel of banned chemical and radiological weapons (like mortar rounds of white phosphorus or tons of aerosolized depleted uranium).

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The first concrete plots by Al Qaeda to hit America at home were followed in October 2010 with the syndicate's first concerted propaganda campaign to incite American Muslims to attack the homeland, an initiative enshrined in the publication of Al Qaeda's first english-language magazine (authored by its Yemen affiliate). Al Qaeda's leadership has officially opened the floodgates for attacks inside the United States.

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While conspicuously avoiding use of any biological or nuclear weapons of mass destruction, the network's leadership may well employ chemical or radiological weapons of mass disruption as the next stage in its slowly mounting campaign of attacks against America.

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The boldness with which the leaders of the new Republic so arrogantly displayed their occultic symbolism to be represented at the very heart and soul of what was American, speaks loudly for itself and their contempt.

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But what is most puzzling, is that Protestants who have always boasted that America was founded on Protestant principles and Bible Christianity, never challenge or speak a word against the prominent occultic symbolism that so glaringly decorate our nation's capitol and literally makes up the Great Seal.