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When faced with the words, 'You have breast cancer,' no man will feel alone ever again.

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Men do not get breast cancer; it affects women only

For the Women We Love. A Breast Cancer Action Plan & Caregiver’s Guide for Men
The Male Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC), a not-for-profit patient advocacy organization, brings everyone together to educate the world about male breast cancer.

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When diagnosed with breast cancer at age 24, Bret promised his surgeon no man would ever feel alone when hearing the words, “You have breast cancer.” After a very close friend’s husband was diagnosed with breast cancer, Cheri began her mission to end the stigma and feelings of abandonment associated with a male breast cancer diagnosis. As a result of a connection made on Facebook, together Bret and Cheri formed The Male Breast Cancer Coalition in 2014.


Breast cancer: Symptoms, risk factors, and treatment

We are on a mission to build awareness through the wisdom and experiences of survivors. We visit high schools and colleges around the country sharing journeys and educating audiences. Our survivors want students to know every individual is his/her own best advocate for their bodies. We participate in events around the world to raise awareness of male breast cancer. We attend conferences, so we can become more knowledgeable and advocate. Until we educate everyone, including the medical community concerning the need for more testing and clinical trials focusing on men with breast cancer, our mission continues to be an uphill battle.