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Learn how Breathe Right nasal strips provide instant, drug-free nasal congestion relief. Find out how Breathe Right can work for you!

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Reuse your nasal strips! Here are alternatives to an expensive Breathe Right nasal strip.
The remaining studies in this review have been performed withBreathe Right nasal strips. It is clear that these strips can alsohave physiological effects. Used at night they reduce snoring, mouthdryness, and daytime sleepiness(). Theyappear to achieve these effects by increasing the cross sectionalarea of the nasal airway, thereby diverting air flow from the mouthto the nose (). But canthese effects impact on physical performance?

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What about the difference, if any, between sports where athletesbreathe through their mouths--running, road cycling, X-countryskiing--and sports where a mouth guard might limit ventilation, suchas football? But for most athletes, most of the time, I am tempted tosay that if the strips helped, we wouldn't do our VO2maxtests with those clothespins on the nose.


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Nasal dilators like Breathe Right, Nozovent & Kleerway prevent nostril collapse and allow more air into the nose.
It's clear that Breathe Right strips have little or no effect onbreathing or performance in properly designed studies under normalconditions in healthy subjects. On the other hand, prolonged exercisein the heat could be enhanced by the use of these strips.

performed a placebo-controlled trial of the effects of the nasalstrips on metabolic and respiratory responses during exercise. Theyrandomly assigned five non-athletes to ride a bicycle ergometer toexhaustion on separate days using three different treatments: aBreathe Right strip, plain tape (the placebo), or nothing.. Thesubjects were told that two kinds of strip were being tested. TheBreathe Right strip and the plain tape were applied while thesubject's eyes were closed, so they did not know which was which. Nosignificant differences were found in breathing or in oxygenconsumption between the three trials. When asked which of the stripsthey preferred, one subject chose Breathe Right, two chose theplacebo, and the other two had no preference. In another study withthe same subjects, investigated whether the strips had any effect onpost-exercise recovery. Again, no differences were found.

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In an reported in brief at theBreathe Right website, 20 college football players performed 40-yardsprints at 3-min intervals up to 25 times. The players ran one set ofsprints with the strips and one without. The report includes detailof methods, but the results aren't stated, and the discussion orconclusion consists of the following: "The results of this studyindicate that athletes doing repeated sprint activity may benefitfrom using Breathe Right nasal strips improvement will likely bedirectly related to the increase in nasal cross-sectional areaproduced by the strips." [sic]

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If you have a partial nasal obstruction due to a cold or allergy,the strips may provide an increase in space sufficient to increasenasal breathing. That might make you feel a bit better, but it won'timprove endurance performance. If you're really stuffed up, theywon't make any difference. Try an over-the-counter decongestant.Research fellow, Copenhagen Muscle Research Center,Denmark; of theSportscience website team.

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Reviewed herein are two studies reported in peer-reviewedjournals, four studies presented in abstract form at annual meetingsof the American College of Sports Medicine, and the contents ofseveral pages at the Website of the manufacturer of Breathe Rightnasal strips.

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Dr. Hatfield has done an admirable job debunking Breathe Rightstrips, the latest myth in performance enhancement for otherwisehealthy athletes. Does this mean these they are useless? Absolutelynot! Athletes sleep, which means that sleeping male athletes annoypeople with their snoring. Breathe Right strips seem to relievesnoring in some cases.