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BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

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Imagine benefiting from tangible, exciting and reliable investment opportunities in the world’s leading emerging market economies. Imagine these investment opportunities being grounded on established and trusted international business networks. Imagine being able to depend on logistical and infrastructural investment support that is second to none. This is the reality made available to you through BRICS Investments.

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Representatives of the countries will meet in Beijing on Monday to sign an agreement of the bank, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. All the five BRICS countries are also joining the new infrastructure investment bank.


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BRICS Investments was established in 2011 by its CEO, Kennith Webb. When the focus is on investing wisely, knowing who to trust is critical. Kennith’s extensive career in strategic investment management and international export sales has earned him the confidence of some of the largest and most influential organisations in the world. These kinds of business relationships are not the result of luck. They have been forged by Kennith through years of professional business development, matched by his belief in the importance of offering real value on a foundation of integrity. BRICS is an international political organisation of leading emerging economies, arising out of the inclusion of South Africa into the BRIC group in 2010. As of 2011, its five member countries are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Kennith has identified enormous potential for investment in the BRICS economies, and through his extensive international network of reputable business contacts, possesses insight that is second to none regarding valuable investment channels in BRICS emerging countries

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Before the July summit, there was speculation about the to the BRICS. For the first time, Argentine President to attend the summit as the only non-bloc head of state in attendance. The invitation came during a between Russia and Argentina’s foreign ministers, and fueled in the BRICS membership, given the process of in 2011. But during the summit, Rousseff said Argentine membership , though she said it could happen in the future with consensus among all five members.

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Which countries: South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, Colombia, UK
Who invented it: Prime Economics
What does it tell us: These countries had the world's five largest current account deficits in 2013, making them vulnerable to external shocks.

In 2010 BRICS Was Established Including South Africa

Heads of state also signed an accord to found a called a Contingent Reserve Arrangement—similar to the IMF—which establishes an initial and acts as an emergency option for BRICS countries with balance-of-payment troubles. Much of the fund will be provided by China, which will contribute $41 billion. Brazil, India, and Russia, will each contribute $18 billion while South Africa will contribute $5 billion. "It is a sign of the times, which demand reform of the IMF," said .

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China and the other BRICS countries meanwhile, have launched ) and the, the first major global financial instruments independent from the Bretton Woods system.

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Which countries: Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Phillippines
Who invented it: Turner Investments
What does it tell us: Another contender to be the next BRICs.