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  • Ten Good Reasons To Recall Gray Davis
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Oct 06, 2013 · Ten years after Gray Davis recall, California still ..

for the governor of California in an October recall election, ..

Gray Davis and who should replace ..

The citizens of California are granted the authority to perform a recall election by ..
55% of California voters stated they support the special election. Heightening the high-stakes drama, 70% of California voters stated they would vote for the Austrian-born movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, over Governor Gray Davis in a head-to-head race, according to an independent analysis conducted by Feedback Research, a division of The Gator Corporation.

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the state of California will hold a special election October 7 on whether to recall Democratic Gov
The recall, which had its origins in how Davis handled a crisis in the state's electricity industry, was described as recently as December 2009 as the "one event [that] shaped California politics more than any other in this decade.


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50 percent of voters plus one voter must select 'yes' for Gov. Gray Davis to be recalled.
Transportation-related taxes, and talk radio, for that matter, were at the center of the successful 2003 recall of former Gov. Gray Davis. Several attempts to recall legislators, however, have foundered and sometimes left their subjects in better position because the rules allow them to raise unlimited contributions that can be used for other political purposes.

Governor before election. Gray Davis Democratic. Elected Governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger Republican
Fifth, the previous four factors would increase the . According to Professor Sam Kamin, marijuana initiatives "will create an irresolvable tension with the continuing federal prohibition and will, I believe, spur elected leaders into action." Likewise, Lynne Lyman, California director at the Drug Policy Alliance, said, "With California and some other, smaller states legalizing it in 2016, the federal government will be forced to reckon with this. We’re hoping that this leads to the end of marijuana prohibition nationally."

borrowing a line he used in the swaggering days after the recall

In California, the possession or use of marijuana for recreational purposes was illegal going into the election. The passage of in legalized medical marijuana. Although the under did not prosecute most individuals and businesses following state and local marijuana laws, both medical and recreational marijuana were illegal under federal law in 2016. Proposition 64 made recreational marijuana legal in California state law.

Gov. Davis Is Recalled; Schwarzenegger Wins

According to , recall supporters were required to collect a number of signatures from registered California voters equaling 12 percent of the number of ballots cast in the November 2002 California gubernatorial election. Recall supporters were told on March 25, 2003, that the recall petition form they had submitted to election officials was acceptable, and that they had 160 days -- until September 2, 2003 -- to collect 897,158 .

The 2003 California Recall Election: Where Are They …

The signature-gathering drive to qualify the Davis recall petition was conducted by , a petition management company owned by Tom Bader and Joy Bader. Ted Costa of People's Advocate asked the Baders to take on the Davis Recall signature-gathering effort when other petition management companies in California refused to work on the petition drive. Congressman Darrell Issa eventually provided most of the funding for the Davis recall petition through a committee that paid Bader & Associates to conduct the signature gathering drive.

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California Voters Support a Recall Election
Of the 89% of respondents aware of the current recall election issue in California, 55% of respondents were in favor of a recall election. The survey also culled the following interesting information: