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Finer Womanhood Observance - Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, …

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The Finer Womanhood celebration is a Sorority hallmark which began in 1923
Celebrating a girl’s entry into womanhood. What a concept! Instead of segregating her, and considering her impure or unclean, the Dine make it a glorious event to welcome her as a grown up member of the community. It is wonderful and it is full of love and respect for the woman, and for all.

Finer Womanhood « Zeta Phi Beta Sorority …

Celebrating Womanhood focuses the spotlight on female heroes who are inspirational leaders in the true sense. There is much to learn and replicate from their examples. It is now time for national level bodies to acknowledge their positive contributions and include them in the mainstream activities related to women empowerment. Looking forward to a more inclusive gender and development policy and implementation of


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Unique to Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is the ideal of Finer Womanhood, which became a trademark in 1923 with the celebration of Finer Womanhood Week. In recent years the event has expanded to Finer Womanhood Month, which is celebrated during the last full week in February until the end of March. Each chapter plans its own programs which may include a religious service, a week emphasizing the standards, morals, customs, and attributes of fine women. Some chapters recognize an outstanding woman in their community based on such criteria as scholarship, religious activity, community service, and character.

The Navajo Puberty Ceremony celebrating maturity of girls among the Navajo is held generally on the fourth night after the first evidence of the maiden’s entrance into womanhood. On the first morning following the moment of this change in life the girl bathes and dresses in her finest clothes.

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The 14th edition of Celebrating womanhood Navadevi Awards was held on June 4, 2016 at Hotel Annapurna and transmitted live via HImalaya TV.

A Ceili pronounced “kay-lee” is a traditional Celtic social gathering

Each year, Tau Delta Zeta honors the requirement that all Zetas rededicate themselves to the Sorority’s ideals by hosting a Rededication Service. During the service, members reaffirm their commitment to Zeta. Historically, Tau Delta Zeta also celebrates Finer Womanhood Observance by worshiping at the church of a chapter member and dining together immediately following the service. This year, Tau Delta Zeta observed Finer Womanhood with the following activities:

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Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards is the only awards for Nepali women that recognizes and honors real life heroines who represent all sectors of society from different regions of the country. It was established in 2002 by Creative Statements (CS).

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