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It belongs more to the history of bad judgment, in its dubious idea that minstrel shows can be "cleaned up" to serve as normal entertainment, than to the history of bigotry.

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Winners to be announced at Conation Nation Symposium on September 22nd.
The freighttransport business the hero runs in isless visually and technologically interesting than the telegraphbusiness the hero works for in (thetelegraph coming to town in is completelyoff-screen, and is only mentioned in the dialogue).


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By contrast, in , it is American Barry Sullivan who gets the sharp suits, while Gassman is in simple prison gear: a rare example of a leading man in a studio era Hollywood film acting in a plain white tee shirt.

Both Sullivan in and Danova in are introduced though vertical camera movements, that start off at their feet, and which reveal every detail of their spiffy outfits.

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Later, Lewis will have success with similar casting on : macho American lead Chuck Connors will play against Italian leading man Cesare Danova in three episodes, including and .

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Both homosexuality and sadomasochism are taboo subjects in the cinema, and is structured to serve as a symbolic look at these subjects, one whose metaphors can evade the censor.

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Sullivan has no problem expressing two aspects of his character: that he's a cop devoted to his job, including catching crooks, and that he's a humanitarian determined to uphold civilized standards and opposed to harming or mistreating convicts.

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Barry Sullivan was an established American actor in tough roles; Vittorio Gassman was a successful actor in Italy who was trying to break into Hollywood.

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It is seemingly an attempt to make a gay film in the tradition of the heterosexual , one that would present homosexuality in a crime drama, the way shows forbidden kinds of heterosexuality.

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Lewis films are full of street corners, and they tend to have a common geography and layout: a main street receding away straight back from the camera, a second street branching off to the right at a 90 degree angle.