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In "The Heart of Darkness," Conrad reiterates the idea of isolation in order to show the reader the underlying theme of civilization versus savagery. Conrad is trying to convey …

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In geopolitical terms, the is fairly inconsequential. The slow decay of the Congo has not had the same impact as our last two examples: the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the ascendancy of China. No, the Congo River is worthy of such high consideration because of Joseph Conrad and his novel, Heart of Darkness. Using the Congo as his template, Conrad outlined the intrinsic savagery of mankind. If you haven’t read , do it.

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One example of this in Heart of Darkness is when Marlow gets to France
When the shell is broken when Roger pushed the boulder onto Piggy, it signifies the demise of civilization and the rise of savagery on the island.
The imaginary ferocious beast that scares all the boys symbolizes human natures unavoidable savagery that exists amongst everyone.


Examining Themes in Heart of Darkness Essay; ..

Heart of Darkness takes place at a time when there were mere hints that ..
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