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  • Lazio accused Hillary Clinton of cavorting ..

will define the 2010 governor’s race, like the economy and political ..

Lazio's Statements Villify Muslims ..

Lazio’s Poll Rise: Like Al’s ’98 Win? | Observer

05/06/2000 · Lazio’s Poll Rise: Like Al’s ..
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With a new candidate in the race for the United States Senate seat from New York, the undecided voters being followed by The New York Times now expect a traditional contest between Democrat and Republican that will make their decisions simpler and more predictable. The voters polled were not impressed by the Lazio camp criticizing Hillary Rodham Clinton as a carpetbagger. All polled agreed that Mrs. Clinton had shed that albatross with months of dogged campaigning in every corner of the state.

Could Hillary Clinton Ever Have Imagined This? - The Cut

Conservatives who just weeks ago despaired of defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton are now ..
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Battling prostate cancer and with his personal life in turmoil, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani dropped out of the Senate race on Friday, stunning the political world and abruptly halting an engrossing campaign against first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Could Hillary Clinton Ever Have Imagined This

a woman nominated by a major political ..
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Despite being a cautious campaigner, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is acknowledging her status as front-runner in New York’s Senate race. At a dinner last week, Mrs. Clinton publicly noted her lead in the polls, and with only 21 days to go in a contentious campaign against her Republican rival, Rep. Rick Lazio, it now seems increasingly possible that for the first time in history a first lady will gain elected office.

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From the gym of his former high school on Long Island, relatively unknown Republican Rep. Rick Lazio catapulted himself Saturday into the nation's most-talked about political campaign -- the Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

represents a formidable challenge to Hillary Clinton.

None of politicians or nearly 300 other groups participating in the annual New York Gay and Lesbian Pride March garnered as much attention as Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was so popular the police had difficulty controlling the crowd. Her opponent in the Senate race, Rick Lazio, did not attend.

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Mr. Cuomo has so far mostly avoided engaging Governor Paterson over their differences on the issues that will define the 2010 governor’s race, like the economy and political corruption. About the most his office has done in that regard is release a written statement the day of Mr. Paterson’s State of the State speech last moth that said the state needed to address the fallout from the financial crisis and restore public trust in government. But he avoided any language that could be read as overly confrontational.

in an unsuccessful Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Rodham Clinton says if she is elected to the U.S. Senate, she hopes to carry on the work begun by her husband. In nine days, Clinton faces Republican congressman Rick Lazio in the race for U.S. Senate. Polls have shown Clinton in the lead.

Lazio's history repeating itself

While this year's most dramatic Senate race remained in a bizarre state of limbo, Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani (R) today continued to confound his impatient party by saying he has still not decided whether to continue his candidacy.