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I worked for 7 years in the uk would I be entitled to a pension or a return of contributions

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I would like to join and see more details of the contributions etc. Thank you. Linda
Hello Becky, to qualify for a pension, you need a minimum of 10 years contributions. You also have to have lived in the country for a minimum of 3 years, so if you leave before that, you can no longer make further contributions, so you wont reach the 10 years. If you leave after 3 years, you can continue to make contributions from abroad to get to the 10.
Your husband can certainly get to 10 years if he makes contributions, but you may or may not, as you may not have enough time. You should talk to the pensions dept in the UK about your situation.

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I worked as a teacher in the uk for 3 years from 2009-2012. So I’ve made three years of state and teacher contributions.
hello Ian, no worries. We can help. If you join us, we will send you a complete information package on what to do next. You can join online on our website. Step 1 is to find out both your NI numbers. We tell you how to do that. Step 2 is to get a pension forecast, which will tell you the number of years you already have. We tell you how to do that. Step 3 is to make any voluntary contributions you wish. We tell you how to do that too (including the criteria for making voluntary contributions at the low Class 2 rate)


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This will help you to satisfy the contribution conditions for UK State Pension, or to get a higher rate of UK State Pension.…
Hello Darren, it is a little complicated. Normally a state pension does not form part of your estate, so there is no residual value. However, your spouse or common law partner would be entitled to a pension based on your NI contributions. So, your fathers spouse could well be entitled to a basic state pension.
There is also a provision that if your father had deferred claiming his pension past retirement age, the extra pension he would have obtained by that deferral would form part of his state, and his next of kin would be entitled to a portion of that.
You should contact the Dept of Works and Pensions on this.

Can we now “top up”, i.e. another 5 years of voluntary contributions to allow her to collect the minimum UK state pension?
I wonder also if I did in the future work in the UK for 3 years (and that is a possibility as I work for a multinational) – and did succeed in adding to those 1975 NI contributions – could I build any sort of pension?

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Hi there,my husband and I have been living in South Africa, me for 17 years and he for 30 years. We are both UK citizens and have decided to move back to the UK because of the state this country is in. It appears to be getting worse as time goes by.
We will be buying our own property when we return.
My husbands DOB is 06/05/1952
mine is 17/02/1965
I did pay NI contributions when I worked for 10 years but my husband only ever worked in the UK for 3 years before moving to South Africa.
Seeing as we are both UK citizens and hold British passports are we entitled to pensions/ cold weather payments and National Health Benefits

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He started an importing business 3 1/2 years ago initially on a self employed basis, but registered a Limited Company for it in May this year. He was told he was too old to make any national insurance contributions even on a voluntary basis. He’s unable to take any salary or profits from the business as it’s still growing and not making enough yet to do so.

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Good Afternoon David.
i am now member now of CABP.
I did write you around August 8 and thank you for the replies.
I will be 65 in Aug 2017, Will have approx 19 years NI contribution after top ups. I have written to UK Pension if i could top up more before next year but have not received reply, Not sure if i can contribute more as i have short time before my applying for pension. I will also be sending application for CPP & OAS, i have been in Canada for past 41 years.
My question is , when will be the best time to send the application through for processing ? Will this effect my CPP & OAS?
Thank you in advance
Kind Regards

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Hi Lorri, yes – but you will need a minimum of 10 years to qualify. The good news is that you can make contributions from abroad to at least get you to the minimum, or more – if you wish. It is a good deal financially, so you should consider doing that. At least to get you to 10 years, otherwise you will lose the contributions you already made