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Campaigners for women's suffrage in Britain achieved a victory during the First World War, with some women winning the right to vote in 1918.

Italy | Facts, Geography, & History - World War I and fascism

World War I: The American Soldier Experience [Jennifer D

‘His nerves gave way’: Shell shock, history and the memory of the First World War in Britain ☆
Life-size figures of British soldiers are appearing as part of a new charity art project -There But Not There - commemorating the 2018 centenary of the end of the First World War.

of the hectic years around World War I

Learn about the Second World War using our animated maps and investigations containing original documents, film, photographs and audio.
British military officials trying to identify a First World War soldier's remains want to trace the family of Edward Norton, a Durham Light Infantry sergeant killed in France in September 1918.


to make sure they have time for World War II

View our fascinating and colourful collections of illustrations, propaganda, cartoons, films and art created during the Second World War.
What was life like on the Home Front during the Second World War? We look at preparations for war, the bombing of Britain, spies, the role of women and much more.

Plans for a national memorial in London to honour Sikhs who fought for Britain in both world wars have won government support.
This chapter examines the trends in the 1960s related to the historiography of World War I. During this period, there were four disparate enterprises which conjoined to reanimate public interest in World War I. These include A. J. P. Taylor's television lectures about the war and his book , John Terraine's book , the epic 26-part television series which was first shown on BBC2 during the summer of 1964, and the Theatre Workshop's production of the play .

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Commemorations honouring the Chinese Labour Corps have been held on the Kent coast as part of a WW1 Centenary programme raising awareness of the CLC’s support for the British war effort.

2001, The Origins of the First World War

Russia's First World War involvement formally ended on 3 March 1918 with acceptance of tough peace terms at German headquarters on the Eastern Front.

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One of the best known First World War paintings, depicting the aftermath of a gas attack, is the focus for a new exhibition at the National WWI Museum and Memorial, Kansas City.

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UK armed forces charity SSAFA is urging families to pass on their First World War stories, after research suggesting many young people don't know facts about the conflict.

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Humberto Perez-Blanco joined the University of the West of England in 2003 and has since taught a number of different modules. His general area of interest is the relation between film and politics with a particular interest in Latin American cinema and documentary film. He is a member of the collective that organises the annual Bristol Radical Film Festival and is a curator of Reel World, a series of screenings which takes place during term time at UWE.

Sexual Slavery in the Japanese Military During World War

Long before athletes had been selected and construction finished, the Beijing Olympic Games became embroiled in political controversy. People all over the world have focused on the event to express their displeasure with China's human rights record and its policies in Tibet. While these are the issues of 2008, University of Wisconsin historian Al Senn reminds us that politics and sport have always been intertwined at the Olympics. His essay puts the politics of the Beijing Games in historical perspective.