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3./ The Problems of this World relating to Belief and Ideology: The Universal Decline of True Religion and the Rise of replacement Doctrines

Solving Key Problems of this World relating to Belief and Ideology

Solving the Social, Economic and Political Problems of this World

How does the idea that Everyone is God help to solve the Problems of the World?
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I believe this is what we’re heading for, the way things are going on the planet right now. The trajectory of human kinds current evolution is leading to the dystopian nightmare of the much feared One World Tyranny. However there is an alternative. There is a way by which humanity can be brought together as One in a way that doesn’t resemble the above. A World without war and without borders can be created that is Just, Equal, Free from Tyranny and Corruption and one that respects the Rights and Freedom of all its inhabitants. And also one where there is reconciliation between the Religion and harmony between the different races comprising humanity.

Solving the Environmental and Ecological Problems of this World

The Coming World Order, Global Tyranny and Problems associated with it
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In this Chapter, first we presented a fairly comprehensive but by no means exhaustive outline of some of the major Problems of this World. Then we went on to show how the idea that Everyone is God may put in motion a process which leads to the Solution to the Problems of this World. We did this by using the analogy of a row of dominos and ordering our broad problem categories in such a way that showed the interdependencies between them. The dominos and corresponding problem categories were arranged in the order of the most abstract problems of this World first, i.e. in the realm of pure ideas, and the most concrete problems of this World last, i.e. Environmental and Ecological problems. In between we inserted Ideological problems and those relating to the Socio-Economic and Political spheres.


Biblical Corruption - Reluctant Messenger

The Worlds problems in relation to the Prophecies found in the Major Religions
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At first sight it may seem quite unlikely that the metaphysical assertion that a person’s real identity is ultimately God can have any sort of bearing or impact on the major problems of the World as outlined earlier. An ancient mystical idea seems far removed from the unfolding of current events. But as we will be showing, this obscure belief is the key that unravels the Gordian knot symbolizing the intractable and interlocking problems of the World today. The reason for this is that the problems of the World may be represented using four dominoes with each domino corresponding to one of our problem categories as outlined earlier. The dominoes are arranged in a certain order where the problem categories range initially from the abstract to the progressively more concrete. In fact going from left to right, the dominoes are arranged in reverse sequence from the order in which the problem categories were first presented in this Chapter.

How does the notion that the ‘Prophecies are Now’, help to solve the Problems of this World?
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The Mazeway, as defined by Wallace, is the total set of beliefs that a person has about herself or himself, all the social norms that the persons adheres to and also her or his views on Society, Culture, Politics and Religion. It is the person’s overall world view through which that person interprets the myriad details of life and also upon which that person bases her or his actions. In Wallace’s own words, ‘The Mazeway is nature, society, culture, personality, and body image, as seen by one person’. Therefore a Mazeway Resynthesis is what happens when a new set of ideas sweeps through a society during a time of crisis because it seems to offer answers and a solution to the problems facing that society. If the old Mazeway was seen as the source of failure, stagnation and discontent then the new or resynthesized Mazeway is seen as something that offers hope for the future.

The Fifth Gospel: The Gospel of Thomas Comes of Age

An interesting way to view the solution to the Worlds problems being proposed in this chapter is that of Mazeway Resynthesis. Some explanation is needed here. Essentially the solution we are suggesting is that a tight nexus of closely related ideas centred around the idea that Everyone is God and also a recognition that the Prophecies are Now, can form a powerful unifying doctrine that brings together the major Religions of the World, together with the integration of Religion with Science and Philosophy. It is this unified and all encompassing World view which when expressed as a Political Ideology that is then able to oppose some of the dominant and harmful Ideologies of this World, i.e. Various Religious Fundamentalisms, Scientific Nihilism and Selfish Genes interpretations of Evolutionary theory. This World view we are proposing is really a return of the ancient Perennial Wisdom but expressed in the concepts and language of the 21st Century. Through the adoption of a World view which is intrinsically Spiritual in its nature and orientated towards truer notions of God, then the impact on the Social, Economic and Political life, of this planet, will be dramatic. For it will help to create a One World Order that is Just, Equal, Fair and inherently opposed to the idea of Tyranny and Selfishness. In turn this will also lead to the conditions whereby the Environmental and Ecological problems of this World may effectively be tackled. This is as was discussed earlier in this Chapter. But what then is Mazeway Resynthesis?

Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden

Though some of these interpretations of the Prophecies seem a little far fetched and irrational, at the same time the problem is that as things on this planet become more perilous and stressed, then it is inevitable that more and more people will want to find hope and escape in these sorts of fantastic interpretations of the Prophecies. So therefore it is necessary to give people a reasonable interpretation of the Prophecies and one that leads to people taking positive action, in order to solve the problems of this World and help to actively bring about the happy conclusion that the Prophecies talk about. So just by giving people an alternative interpretation of the Prophecies which leads people into becoming part of the Solution rather than them becoming part of problem whereby they contribute to the worsening the Worlds Problems; then in this way, a reasonable and positive interpretation of the idea that the Prophecies are Now can help to solve the problems of this World.