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(given to remove some type of burden and been in the interest of the public)
It will boosted domestic industry as it will give opportunity for domestic film been aired and watch by domestic consumers as Hollywood film has quotas
What are the advantages and disadvantages of subsidies and quotas for protecting local film industries

to remove some type of burden and is often considered to be in the interest of the public
It will boosted domestic industry as many talented filmmaker who is have insufficient fund to make film tend to produced film as they get subsidies from the government.
the production that received subsidies might not have high motivation as the one’s who doesn’t thus, they will make low quality film
subsidies can be crutch to a week industry
Based on Australian researcher, people that sit in the cinema watching the films may take the aspects of the movies as a reflection of prevailing social attitudes and start generalizing.
As the Hollywood is not As "American" as it was.

Peer-to-peer file sharing and cultural trade protectionism ..

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come up with the American way and even other way of communication
Worldwide protectionism of most good issignificant or declining.
Do movies constitute a separate category (culture incarnate, as stated in the case study), or should they be treated like any other good?


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Cultural protectionism is actually what it states. Here is an example: Say you are a Lenape Indian. You are now afraid that the modern era ways take away your cultural ways, so you start a cultural protectionism group for the Lenape Indian people to go about your cultural bakround ways.
In short, cultural protectionism is a social movement for people to keep and continue to use their cultural ways instead of modern ones. IN EXACT TOTAL: FOR PEOPLE TO KEEP THEIR CULTURE ALIVE!

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yes it is censorship but it is good for protection of culture otherwise native cultures will die.

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European tend to produced thought-provoking movie
The country should support their own film industry via protectionism because the filmmaker are have the right to deliver their ideas and understanding to others with freedom and responsibility
Subsidies and quotas are the right way to protect cultural industries but as usual there are pro and cons
What factor determine the high demand for Hollywood films in world market?

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Global market -
Lost In Translation
, came under fire from Los Angeles to Tokyo, they set in Japan’s capital
Special effects and big budget
- entertaining film with the right stuff (high imagination,creative)
why are foreign film so little demanded in US?
Ethnocentric view
Apocalypse now,
where the movie is focusing on the American tragedy while ignoring Vietnam war (protect all the good from all the bad)
European tend to make movie more thought-provoking movies -
American is escapism (want to be entertained, not to think during a film)
What can foreign filmmakers do to increase demand for their movies in the US?
strategic alliance
- specialised country (scarcity in resources capital, expertise, equipment)
improve film quality
- Eric Rohmer, the French director stated in New York Times interview, that his countrymen should fight back with high-quality movies, not protection
Are there better ways to maintain and enhance home-grown film industries?

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it is okay for country to shield and support its own film industry via protectionism.
but that protectionists should not abandon their quest to salvage the intellectual and artistic quality of films.
so,the local firm should fight back with high-quality movies.

Are There any other cultural industries that governments should protect?
Textual, music, television, and Art
It will increase our own cultural indentity.
To mantain our custom and cultural pratice in our own people
to secure our own culture from vanish.