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We are all looking for clean, well-lighted places to call our own, at least for a while. Vincent never found one. To read his story, and his hundreds of letters, is like following a picaresque anti-hero through one soul-lacerating situation after another, dripping paintings like blood drops, until he succumbs to the world’s wounds.

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Dark against light in a clean well lighted place by ernest hemingway ..
Beside my bed, just above the lamp on the nightstand, there is another clean, well-lighted place. I have hung there a small print of Vincent van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night (The Café Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night). It is often the last thing I look at, just before I switch the lamp off and drift off to sleep.


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“Good night,” the other said. Turning off the electric light he continued the conversation with himself. It is the light of course but it is necessary that the place be clean and light. You do not want music. Certainly you do not want music. Nor can you stand before a bar with dignity although that is all that is provided for these hours. What did he fear? It was not fear or dread. It was a nothing that he knew too well. It was all a nothing and a man was nothing too. It was only that and light was all it needed and a certain cleanness and order. Some lived in it and never felt it but he knew it was already nada y pues nada y pues nada. Our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name thy kingdom nada thy will be nada in nada as it is in nada. Give us this nada our daily nada and nada us our nada as we nada our nadas and nada us not into nada but deliver us from nada; pues nada. Hail nothing full of nothing, nothing is with thee. He smiled and stood before a bar with a shining steam pressure coffee machine.

Contemporary culture fit Dylan O’Conner only about as well as a three-fingered glove, and here was one more place where the tailoring pinched: He believed that a burger joint ought to look like a joint, not like a surgery, not like a nursery with pictures of clowns and funny animals on the walls, not like a bamboo pavilion on a tropical island, not like a glossy plastic replica of a 1950s diner that never actually existed. If you were going to eat charred cow smothered in cheese, with a side order of potato strips made as crisp as ancient papyrus by immersion in boiling oil, and if you were going to wash it all down with either satisfying quantities of icy beer or a milkshake containing the caloric equivalent of an entire roasted pig, then this fabulous consumption ought to occur in an ambience that virtually screamed guilty pleasure, if not sin. The lighting should be low and warm. Surfaces should be dark–preferably old mahogany, tarnished brass, wine-colored upholstery. Music should be provided to soothe the carnivore: not the music that made your gorge rise in an elevator because it was played by musicians steeped in Prozac, but tunes that were as sensuous as the food–perhaps early rock and roll or big-band swing, or good country music about temptation and remorse and beloved dogs.

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I get up most mornings in the dark. Especially on those mornings when my wife remains in bed for a while, I feel solitary and lonely, a stranger in the world; I feel the nothing. I turn on all the lights and the nothing retreats a little. I sip a cup of coffee and, if I still feel lonely, at least I find some comfort in the warmth and taste and aroma. I read the digital equivalent of a newspaper, and the nothing, the darkness and disorder, gets named. I read Scripture—for now it’s the of John—and the Word as sacrament reminds me I am not drinking alone in the dark; I am in a clean, well-lighted place.

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Hi David, maybe, but do not get paranoid about it. If she woke up tired, it might just be a difference in daily rhythm (most lightworkers I know, including myself are owls, not larks).
I do often notice an energy exchange with my clients (am a spiritual healer), i.e. if they are depressed, grumpy or angry, it can ‘rub off’ on me, be that that those energies are resisting healing or trying to use me as a channel out. It is probably a quite common phenomenon and does not just happen to lightworkers – if you go to a party with grump, negative people, chances are you’ll walk out grumpier, than you arrived, same if you are grumpy, but then are around happy positive people, it might well lift your mood… I find that clients of mine, who meditate themselves or are emotionally well balanced effect me much less. I believe meditation e.g. can help you ‘clean’ your energies, accumulated stresses, fears, angers etc. are being grounded or elsewise disposed… You can also ask or pray that your energies are protected (as well as possible), outside-in and inside-out, which should help too! Again though, there is no use getting stressed, angry or depressed about having negative or stale energies, most people have (to varying degrees) – it (still) is the normal state on this planet. As an individual we can choose though to start to improve on our state of mind, emotions etc. The greatest benefit will be for oneself! but it will rub off positively on others too!!!