• the decline and fall of the empire was due ..
  • Chinese Immigration to Britain in the Post-WWII Period
  • Chinese Immigration to Britain in the Post-WWII ..

The war ended in 1763, forcing France and Spain to cede their regions of North America to the British empire (namely, Canada and Florida).

of the country as the centre of an empire, though in rapid decline

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2. Tanzimat Reforms (1839-1876) The Tanzimat were a series of reforms in the Ottoman Empire that brought the culture, education, religion and society more in line with Europe and the United States and western ways.

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Debating US Power”, is chiefly that: the United States of America is an empire, and that current beliefs to the contrary are the result of denialism due to negative connotations associated with the concept of empire, not due to a lack of suitability of that term to describe the current state of American foreign policy.


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John Darwin teaches imperial and global history at Oxford, where he has been a Fellow of Nuffield College since 1984. His original research was concerned with Britain's role in the Middle East at the end of the First World War, a period once seen as marking the onset of Britain's imperial retreat. Closer scrutiny suggested that the British were actually combining a form of imperial expansion (notably in Iraq) while trying to protect their strategic interest in Egypt from the assault of nationalism there. This research was published as Britain, Egypt and the Middle East: Imperial Policy in the Aftermath of War (1981). From that Darwin moved on to write a general account of Britain's loss of empire after 1945, published in 1988 as Britain and Decolonisation: the Retreat from Empire in the Post-War World. More recently he has worked on the Victorian empire as part of a longer project looking at the interplay of external and internal pressures in the politics of the British imperial system. His most recent book is an attempt to set the expansion of Europe and its empires in a global context stressing the resilience of the great Asian empires. This was published in April 2007 as After Tamerlane: the Global History of Empire.

The first issue which Cox raises is that of a lack of understanding of and study into the concept of empire by current research in the field of international relations (Cox 2004, p230)....

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When combined with increasing international criticism from allies and enemies alike, he believed that Britain's inability to retain its empire was due to the imbalance of her capabilities when coupled with her substantial global commitments.

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The reasoning behind this statement is because of the events that played out during the Hussein-McMahon correspondence, the Sykes-Picot agreement, and the Balfour declaration.

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Across the whole spectrum of party opinion, British leaders had no doubt that Britain must uphold its status as the third great power, and that it could only do so by maintaining its empire and the Commonwealth link. Europe, by contrast, they saw as a zone of economic and political weakness. It was Britain's overseas assets that would help to defend it.

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First, the Hussein-McMahon correspondence was a long-drawn-out exchange of letters between the Sharif of Mecca Hussein bin Ali and British High Commissioner Sir Henry McMahon dealing with the future political status of the Ottoman Empire....

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Acrobat and remarkable Chinese woman, Song Ling Whang, makes an overland journey of more than 10,000 km from China to Britain on foot (or rather on her tiny claw-like feet that had been bound and mutilated, as was the custom of the bourgeois in China at the time).