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Rule(a)(3), Temporary Authorization to Practice, mandates that the new graduate who has been authorized to practice as either a GVN or GN pending the results of the licensing examination must work under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse. Vocational nursing graduates must work under the direct supervision of either a LVN or RN; registered professional nursing graduates must work under the direct supervision of a RN. "Direct supervision" means the licensed nurse is physically present in the facility or practice setting and is readily available to the GVN or GN for consultation and assistance. If the facility is organized into multiple units that are geographically distanced from each other, then the supervising nurse must be working on the same unit to which the new graduate is assigned.

too many nurses philippines | End of Nursing Demand | …

It is strongly recommended for prospective nursing students to attend an information session to learn more about the profession and requirements of each of the nursing programs. No reservations are needed to attend an information session on the LSC-Montgomery campus. See the table below for scheduled information sessions.


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A graduate nurse (GVN or GN) is not yet "licensed," and thus shall not be placed in supervisory or charge positions and shall not work in independent practice settings, such as home health. A licensure candidate (GVN or GN) must first achieve nursing licensure through passing the NCLEX-PN® or NCLEX-RN® prior to any consideration of employment involving charge nurse/nurse manager responsibilities or nursing in independent practice settings.

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Once you’ve completed everything above, all that’s left is to find yourself a job. Fortunately, since registered nurses are in high demand throughout the country, you should have plenty of options for your first job.

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Nurses in the State of Texas may interrupt their practice or change their primary area of practice for a variety of reasons. The impact that a change of practice area or lack of continuity in practice may have on the competence of the nurse is of concern to the Texas Board of Nursing, as either situation may affect the nurse's ability to provide safe and effective nursing care that complies with the Nursing Practice Act () and . A nurse who has not practiced and is re-entering the work force after a period of four or more years may not be current in his/her knowledge base of new drugs, current therapies, and/or changes in technology. A nurse who is transitioning into a practice setting that differs greatly from the nurse's previous experience may also lack the necessary knowledge to immediately assume responsibility for patient care. In 1994, a study conducted by the Board and Lamar University identified that nurses who fit into one of the above two categories were at highest risk for committing practice errors that resulted in Board discipline against the nurse's license. The Board, therefore, believes it is essential that during the transitional period, either back into practice or into a new practice area, that the nurse seek and receive appropriate orientation, direction, supervision, consultation and collaboration from nurses who possess current skills and knowledge of the particular practice environment.

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Every state in the US requires employed registered nurses to have a proper license. Requirements for a license vary by state, so nurses should contact their state board or to discover the requirements in their area.

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Rule , Standards of Nursing Practice, requires that when assignments are made, both the charge nurse and the staff nurse take into consideration client safety, as well as the educational preparation, knowledge, skills, and physical and emotional abilities of the individual licensed nurse to whom a given assignment is being made.