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Agencies There are many different types of agents for different types of talent. The main types are theatrical (Television and Film) and commercial (for commercials).

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In my new book “,” I discuss when an actor is ready to pursue an agent or manager, and the smartest, most professional ways to go about it. But first, an actor must know the facts, do their research, and treat their career as a business. How can you look for someone to represent you when you don’t know anything about them? Do you know the different types of agencies and what they specialize in? Do you know how many clients a manager has and what age, ethnicity, and types they represent? Do you know what an agent does, and what a manager does?

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There are about 120 talent agents in New York, and more in L.A. (and thousands of actors looking to secure one). Talent agents are licensed by the state, and by law are only allowed to take a 10 percent cut of whatever you make. There are agents that deal with actors, and there are agents that deal with magicians, standup comics, and babies. Some specialize in ethnic talent, and some only deal with youth (under 25). You only pay them when you get work. You can “freelance” or “sign” with an agent, and usually they give you a one-year (or 18-month) contract. They may have a lot of clients, but they also have great relationships with casting directors and can push to get you in the room. Agents get the breakdowns for the big projects and submit their clients. Non-represented actors don’t have access to these breakdowns (supposedly).


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Bicoastal: These are more medium-sized with an office in two cities (L.A. and NYC), and have roughly 150–250 clients, and more agents. These agencies usually have legit, commercial, voiceover, and print departments. They usually handle kids, as well as adults, in all the departments. Not all actors are represented across the board. Some actors are only represented with them commercially, as it’s not always easy to crossover in these agencies. Each agent usually deals with different casting directors.

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Remember there are many different types of modelling. Modeling styles today is increasingly diversified to appeal to every group. Below are different types of modeling in the industry. As you can see, there are a number of categories you might fit in. The requirements always vary depending on the client, as well as the proportions of the model. Modeling agencies are looking for models of different looks, shapes, sizes, and ages.

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Just like any profession, education and training will help actors and models perfect their craft. All other performers, including musicians and dancers, always practice and require additional training. Acting careers and modeling careers are no different – all actors and models have areas where they could improve in order to take on new and more challenging roles. The entertainment industry is the most competitive in the world. Going to acting and modeling schools, taking classes, will improve your abilities, teach you new styles and techniques, and make you better prepared for all of your acting and modeling auditions.

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Pursuing a child's acting career or modeling career in the entertainment industry can be very rewarding for you and your child. Many parents send their children to a variety of performing arts schools and acting classes to learn acting, dancing or singing. These different talents will help make for a well-rounded childhood and can be productive lifelong hobbies. Your child will build self-confidence, social skills, a sense of responsibility and work ethics very early on in their life.

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What Is An Agency?
There are many different types of agents for different types of talent. The main types are theatrical (Television and Film) and commercial (for commercials). There are also dance, print, voice-over,etc. Your agent may represent you for one or more of these categories. Being with the same agency for everything is called being "signed across the board." Many actors prefer to have separate agents for different types of work.

there are different types of auditions (acting jobs).

What types of talent agencies are there?

Agents can be basically broken down into different categories, A, B, and C. An “A level" agency has the greatest power, “pull”, and prestige, similar to how we would consider an "A" list celebrity. Most new actors are not even considered by these top agencies because they mostly handle the big stars. It is possible that one of these agents will approach you one day, (and they do have to approach you) the majority of the time these agents cannot be acquired, they go looking for you. It goes without say that you’d have to obtain a reasonable amount of success in film or television in order for these agents to approach you. Some of the top agents in Hollywood are Creative Artists (CAA), The William Morris Agency (WMA), International Creative Management (ICM), United Talent Agency (UTA) and many others as well, but those are often considered the top four. Just about every major star you see in the movies or on television most likely are represented by one of these four agents.