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Economics is a social science, and the so-called theories are really social and moral constructs.
A country that relies too heavily on one product is especially susceptible to market forces. If demand suddenly drops or if a cheaper alternative becomes available, the economy of that country could be damaged.

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Many Middle East countries that are largely dependent on their oil exports see their economic fortunes rise and fall in tandem with the oil market.


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By developing a diversified economy, a country can make sure that even if some industries are suffering, other, more competitive industries will keep the economy relatively healthy.

: Even though it makes economic sense to allocate resources to the most productive industries, no country wants to rely on only a few products. This makes the country vulnerable to changes in the world economy, such as recession, new trade laws and treaties, and new technologies.

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: The law of comparative advantage says that a country can become more competitive by directing its resources to its most efficient industries. This enables a country to achieve economies of scale � increasing its output in a particular industry so that its costs per unit decrease. Such lower-cost goods are more in demand in international markets.

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The International Journal of Economic Theory publishes original articles in all fields of economic theory. IJET aims to be a leading journal in economics.

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Free trade proponents stand for an open trading system with few limitations and little government involvement. Advocates of Protectionism believe that governments must take action to regulate trade and subsidize industries to protect their domestic economy.

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International trade occurs because individuals, businesses and governments in one country want to buy goods and services produced in another country. Trade provides people with greater selection of goods and services to chose from and often these goods are available at prices lower than those in the domestic economy.

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Although the amount of government involvement in trade varies from country to country and product to product, overall barriers to trade have been lowered since World War II. All governments practice protectionism to some extent. The debate is over how many, or how few, such measures should be used to reach the country�s long-term macroeconomic goals.