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ARTICLE : Communal Harmony (साम्प्रदायिक सद्भाव)

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For this, considering the role of a teacher to be the most important Mahatma Gandhi laid great stress on the following four points, which are undoubtedly guidelines to make education true and worthy for students, and simultaneously as a means of bringing harmony and peace in society, nation and the world:

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The World Conference of Mayors has passed a resolution at it’s October Conference in Detroit Michigan endorsing World Interfaith, Racial, Tribal, Ethnic, and Gender Harmony month this January. It will be an effort by those Mayors participating to develop a game plan in local Universities to introduce the Trinity of Equality ( Economic Opportunity, Justice, and Education) and identify local problems and work on solutions.


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Categorically, education is the sole basis of achieving one’s purpose in life. The importance of education in man’s life as has been said already cannot be described in words. The essence of all the ancient scriptures, messages of scholars and thinkers of repute have always emphatically expounded the significance of education in human life. Enlightening people of the importance of education in all walks of life, and in particular, its role in making life prosperous under the prevailing circumstances they have examined the implications in the absence of true education. In this regard the following from an oldest Hindu scripture is worth quoting here:

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Introduction: It is needless to mention about the role and importance of education in the life of man. Education is the only means for the all-round development of humans. The pathway to human development and prosperity in an inevitable state of peace and harmony follows the lanes of education with the condition that its direction should be right and founded on values. Reformers, thinkers and philosophers of repute, who were also the great teachers in their respective times, guided humanity in the right path. Most of them on the basis of their thoughts and experiences gave exemplary suggestions to make education a prime focus and significance of them cannot be diminished even today. This chain of thought emphasizes desire of Mahatma Gandhi –a great guru, for the complete physical and mental development of man through value education imparted by well trained teachers for his self-reliance, which could pave the way for his true development even in current perspective by ascertaining peace and harmony in society. In this regard a substantial and worthy analysis, which could as a concrete guideline seem adaptable, is required; however, prior to this, familiarity with the meaning and purpose of education is necessary. Moreover, knowing the role and contribution of education in man’s life from Gandhian viewpoint is indispensable.

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If we analyze education from the Indian viewpoint, education [] is one of the six . [the six auxiliary disciplines traditionally associated with the study and understanding of the – , –ritual, –grammar , –etymology , –meter and –astronomy]. Clarity of understanding and systematic method or the orders, which are the basics for the all-round development of one’s personality, are within its domain. Hence, the educational process is fully dedicated to continuity; it is for growth or for accumulation; it is the means to lead a human being on the pathway to prosperity in prevailing circumstances on the basis of knowledge and accomplishments.

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Inter-Relations: Evidently, education is the basis for the all-round development of man; it is the means of developing his personality. Moreover, it is the process that helps make one’s life purposeful. All constructive and welfaristic conditions that may be required for the purpose are also inherent in this process. Similarly, peace and harmony, both, despite being the states free from dispute, conflict and war, are also active and dynamic states in which there is a call to go forward. New benefits are expected in the states of peace and harmony. They are the pathways to progress without any fear and confusion. Therefore, it can be said that education, peace and harmony are linked with each-other; they contribute to the development and welfare of each and every human being on this planet.

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Role of Teacher: About the role of a teacher in imparting education and through it in all-round-development of personality is well evident. We are all well aware of the truth, how the great teachers –Acharyas and Gurus in Indian terms, creating an atmosphere of harmony among people and in the state of peace contributed to the larger welfare of society and the nation. The examples of Gautama Buddha, Vardhamana Mahavira, Socrates, Kung Futsi [Confucius], Chanakya, Plato, Shankaracharaya, Paramahansa Ramakrishna and so many others who were the Gurus, Acharyas and teacher par excellence are before us. I think there is no need to mention anything more in this regard except quoting the following statement of Mahatma Gandhi: