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Blessed John Henry Newman’s devastating critique of liberal religion remains even more relevant in our own time.

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23/02/2018 · John Henry Newman
There is truly nothing new under the sun. That’s the pedestrian conclusion at which I arrived after recently re-reading the address given by one of the nineteenth century’s greatest theologians, Blessed John Henry Newman, when Pope Leo XIII made him a cardinal on May 12, 1879.

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Blessed John Henry’s placid hymn, Lead Kindly Light, in the original tune to which he ascribed its popularity, (Kindly Light) Lux Benigna.
The work of the Institute takes its inspiration from John Henry Newman’s discerning intellectual exploration of the relationship of faith to the university and modern culture. It organizes and manages programs of education and research, including conferences, public lectures, and publishing in keeping with its objectives.


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There has been a church school in Littlemore ever since these beginnings.

The Littlemore Infants School was sited on land donated by the owner of the Lawn Upton estate and built in 1903, it later became known as Speedwell School.

The new John Henry Newman CE Aided Primary school was built in 2002 on a wonderful history and tradition of primary education provided by the previous two schools.

In 2012, the Governors opted to convert to Academy Status with the Diocese of Oxford as its sponsor, the first school as part of the newly created Multi Academy Trust.

Appreciate this so much. Way back in 1963, my wonderful late husband Bill would speak about John Henry Newman. He had read him through and through and I know all the points in your article were why my husband thought so much of him and he would talk about his analysis of liberalism.