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Children with depression and conduct disorders showed indications of those problems predivorce because there was parental conflict predivorce.

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What Are the Effects of Divorce on Children

They are afraid they too are divorceable and will be abandoned by one or both of their parents.
Angie Lensfield, who divorced in 2002, says that her son, then aged 22, has never forgiven either of his parents and estranged himself as a result. "He said the divorce ruined his life, that it was selfish of us to make him question everything solid in his life. It really surprised me and still hurts me because we were so close."

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Amato, P.R. (2000). The Consequences of Divorce for Adults and Children.
Although the distress of not being with both parents is one of the most painful parts of divorce, it is the continuing relationship that children have with their parents that is essential to their long-term adjustment.


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Christensen, T.M.; Brooks, M.C. (2001) Adult Children of Divorce and Intimate Relationships:
They see the parents as engaged in an intimate relationship.H. BLAME AND GUILT Because so much marital conflict may be related to the stress of parenting, children often feel responsible for their parents' divorce--they feel that somehow their behavior contributed to it.

Conway, M.C.; Christensen, T.M.; Herlihy, B. (2003) Adult Children of Divorce and Intimate
The dyadic trust survey was originally measured on a 7 point Likert scale, however, for the purpose of this study the scale was shortened down to a 5 point Likert scale rating system. Answers ranged from never, almost never, occasionally, almost always to always (See Appendix A). The difference between this study and previous studies conducted by researchers such as Wallerstein and her peers was that this study sought to examine the level of trust across various intimate relationships including best friend, and parents, instead of just relationship partners. This study intended to determine how much the effects of parental divorce altered trust in other close relationships. However, despite the overwhelming evidence that parental divorce is detrimental to relationships, many studies seem to indicate that trust and negative attitudes in relationships were not evident until subjects were themselves in a marriage (Wallerstein & Lewis, 2004).

The Psychological Effects of Divorce on Children

In those instances, the turbulence of the divorce phase (how adversarial a battle it is), has been shown to play a crucial role in creating unhealthy reactions in affected teenagers. Joan Kelly, PhD, former president of the Academy of Family Mediators and prominent divorce researcher from California reports that, depending on the strength of the parent-child bond at the time of divorce, the parent-child relationship diminishes over time for children who see their fathers less than 35% of the time.

Long and Short Term Effects of Divorce on Children

Often a separated parent will make an effort to spend quality time with the children and pay attention to their desires (Disneyland, small gifts, phone calls, etc).

The effects of Divorce on Children and Education

Often parents assume that after the remarriage "we will all live as one big happy family." Step family relationships need to be negotiated, expectations need to be expressed, roles need to be defined, realistic goals need to be set. Most teenagers (and their parents) eventually adjust to divorce and regard it as having been a constructive action, but one-third do not.

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The entire survey was approximately 47 total questions, 4 of which were basic control questions at the end regarding age, race, and gender. The last question was an open ended question that asked how parental divorce had affected the life of participants. This question sought to cover any aspects of the study that may have been overlooked.