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You probably know, for example, that the considers trust the foundation of a great workplace.

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Instill trust from the people we serve through transparency and accountability.
Incidentally, the role of reward in driving trust has also been touched on by the work of , who believe reward structures have a strong influence on interpersonal trust in the workplace and have shown its affect on outcomes like work performance, organizational citizenship, organizational commitment, turnover intent, satisfaction and group performance. Among other things, they found that the “analyses, combined with prior research, suggest that managers can expect reward to have strong, predictable effects on interpersonal trust.”

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Jacobs also suggests that reward has a strong reciprocal role to play in developing trust and sustainable performance, as fair rewards reinforce behaviors that drive success. See the diagram of her model, below (click to enlarge):


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But for pure clarity, I think employee motivation specialist has perhaps the best model. Jacobs has identified eight intrinsic drivers of trust. When combined with a sense of well-being and the right environmental factors, they will result in engagement, energy, a boosted sense of wellbeing, and sustainable high performance for work outcomes. They are:

First, we should define what actually drives feelings of trust. Leadership author and speaker Gary Cohen has compiled what he calls the : Capability, Commitment, Capacity, Connection, Commonality, Character, and Consistency. You could certainly start there.

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But saying trust is important and actually cultivating an environment of trust are two different things. So, how can you actually build and cultivate trust in your workplace?

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Scholars agree as well. This in the Organizational Science Journal, for example, highlights dozens of studies that have shown the role of trust in building more positive attitudes, higher levels of interpersonal and team cooperation, better communication, citizenship behavior, job satisfaction, effort, relationships, increased quality of performance, and many more.

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Or you may know that . Says BlessingWhite CEO Christopher Rice: “Individuals can enjoy their work and have a strong sense of accomplishment, but if they don’t trust their boss or their boss’s boss, they’ll begin to question how they fit in with the company and have less pride in the organization overall.”

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CWMTF provided $440,287 to North Carolina Coastal Land Trust (NCCLT) to acquire approximately 600 acres along Waccamaw River, just downstream from the Waccamaw State Park in Columbus County. This award was matched with a $459,500 acquisition of almost 700 acres, funded by Department of Justice settlement funds, creating a total protect area of almost 1,300 acres.


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