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Imperial political structure comprising (a) British India (a quasi-federation of presidencies and provinces directly governed by the British Crown through

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A number of ideas, attitudes and events led up to the American Revolution
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The British also had the difficult task of fighting the war while simultaneously retaining
the allegiance of Loyalists. Loyalist support was important, since the goal of the war was to keep the colonies in the British Empire, but this imposed numerous military limitations. Early in the war, the Howe brothers served as peace commissioners while simultaneously conducting the war effort, a dual role which may have limited their effectiveness. Additionally, the British could have recruited more slaves and Native Americans to fight the war, but this would have alienated many Loyalists, even more so than the controversial hiring of German mercenaries. The need to retain Loyalist allegiance also meant that the British were unable to use the harsh methods of suppressing rebellion they employed in Ireland and Scotland. Even with these limitations, many potentially neutral colonists were nonetheless driven into the ranks of the Revolutionaries because of the war. This combination of factors led ultimately to the downfall of British rule in America and the rise of the revolutionaries’ own independent nation, the United States of America.

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Indicator 4-3.1 Explain the political and economic factors leading to the American Revolution, including the French and Indian War; British colonial policies such as the Stamp Act, the Tea Act, and the so-called Intolerable Acts; and the American colonists’ early resistance through boycotts, congresses, and petitions. (E, P, H)


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For the military campaign and notable battles, see American Revolutionary War
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In March of 1776, prior to the Declaration of Independence, South Carolina created an individual constitution to provide a governing body during the time of rebellion. The Constitution of 1776 established the former colony’s first independent government. In this document, the South Carolina General Assembly discusses its grievances with Great Britain and outlines its new government.

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In 1776 the English radical Thomas Paine argued that the colonies should declare themselves independent because 'there is something very absurd, in supposing a continent to be perpetually governed by an island'. During the nineteenth century the island in question would come to rule a large portion of the world. Its leaders would never again attempt to impose direct taxes on its colonies.

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In July 1775, newly appointed General Washington had arrived outside of Boston to take charge of the colonial forces as well as to organize the Continental Army. Washington had realized his army’s desperate shortage of gunpowder therefore he asked for new sources. The armories were raided and some manufacturing lots were attempted. By the end of 1776, 90% of the supply which is equivalent to 2 million pounds was imported whereas mostly from it is from France.

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Americans had contributed significantly to the recent victory both militarily and financially, yet within a dozen years of the British victory war broke out between British soldiers and Massachusetts militiamen at Lexington and Concord. Between 1763 to 1775, successive British governments took decisions which resulted in the loss of the 13 rebellious colonies in America. If John Adams was correct and revolution was in the hearts of Americans years prior to 1776, then it was the actions of British ministers which made independence first a possibility and then a likelihood.