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now add ½ tsp vanilla extract or powder.

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slice and serve the the eggless chocolate cake.
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Hi dasanna, I have tried this recipe many times and it turned well. My daughter loves it. One question, if I want to use eggs how do I modify this?and how many eggs should I use? Thanks so much

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Ur baking recipes are awesome. I love eggless bitterness bakes. Our family loves the whole wheat orange muffins. Thank u so much for all the recipes. Is it OK to not do frosting. Will it still taste good ? Thanksn advance


this approximate nutrition info is per piece:

for the eggless chocolate cake:
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Hello Dassana. I try your receipes all the time.I have made 3 of your cakes today for one of my friend’s son wedding who is vegan. The Banana Cake and sponge cake with applesauce turned out amazing but the chocolate cake got stuck to the pan and broke while removing. I used Maida and also used coffee water ( 2 tsp coffee mixed 1 cup cold water) as mentioned in one of the comments. I reduced cocoa quantity to 2 tbsp and 1tsp.
What might have gone wrong?

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In your experience, in which all cases is it recommended to use APF? I can safely ask you this since I now know that you also prefer using WW flour.

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thank you rekha. same here, i started baking with APF and then moved on to WW flour. i still do bake at times with APF but thats once in a blue moon and for recipes where WW flour won’t work or can cause issues. actually the difference is not felt. i have baked so many cakes with whole wheat flour that the difference is not felt. thanks again.

3. here are the sieved dry ingredients.

rekha, once in a while its fine to use APF. but not everyday. eg if i have bread everyday for breakfast or lunch, then i would go for whole wheat bread and not APF bread. but once in a while its fine to have savouries or sweets made with APF. eg in some bakes like sponge cakes or some pastries, sweets or snacks where APF is difficult to substitute with WWF. eg spring rolls wrapper or some indian sweets like jalebi, gulab jamun etc.

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also i would suggest to use organic unbleached APF if you live outside india. also its best to avoid processed foods made with APF like pasta or noodles. rice noodles or whole wheat noodles are a better option. having said that, noodles are largely popular with kids, so i think once in while noodles are fine, but not everyday.

5. add 1 cup cold water and stir so that the sugar dissolves.

Huge thanks for this recipe. I have been looking for an eggless cake recipe and this one yielded by far the best results. What I also liked a lot was the fact that you used whole wheat flour. I bake at home and started with APF, but gradually moved to WW flour. No one can tell the difference, trust me! I know longer use APF, not even to dust the pan. 🙂
And I totally love how detailed your recipes are. Appreciate all the time and effort.

7. stir briskly so that everything is mixed well.

in any recipe where you can use whole wheat flour or millet flours then its best to skip APF. but in recipes where WWF or millet flour cannot work, then you can use APF, but make these recipes once in a while.