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The more popular hunting falcons such as Peregrine and Saker are conventionally trapped during their autumn migration.

The UAE’s highest peak is a rugged hunk of a mountain

Top Falcons: The UAE?s F-16 Block 60/61 Fighters

However, the Peregrine falcon is widely spread all over the world except Antarctica.
Migratory Falcons have this propensity of switching their habitats too frequently. They are free wanderers and are distributed all around the world. These birds prefer high elevations and build their nests in urban habitats like landscapes or skyscrapers. Falcons nest in the safest available spots to make their kids and eggs least vulnerable to any external threat. Falcons are one of the most widespread birds in the world. They are found inhabiting every continent besides Antarctica and other oceanic islands.

Falcon is the national bird of the UAE

The sport of falconry is among the many traditional pastimes still practiced in the UAE
Falcons consume birds of enormous varieties. A recent research states that around 450 different species of birds fall prey to falcons in North America and the number worldwide may be as many as 2,000 species. Their typical prey includes shorebirds, ducks, gulls, bats and pigeons among many others.


Falcon : National Bird of Saudi Arabia | Interesting Facts

Falcon : National Bird of Saudi Arabia
National and international organizations have ensured their contribution in protecting these falcons. DDT poising put it into the endangered birds list. Extensive efforts have been made to conserve these ironic birds of prey from illegal persecution. A few concerned authorities have even raised their voice for the peregrine falcon to be placed on a list of priority species. The scenario may seem hapless, but a small effort on everyones part can create a huge difference!

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The smaller falcons can live in enclosed countryside, but as an exception, New Zealand falcons Falco novaezeelandiae inhabit heavily wooded areas.

Falcon Facts, Pictures, Habitat and Other Information

Although members of the genus are seen in a wide variety of habitats, the large falcons, such as the Prairie falcon Falco mexicanus and the Saker falcon Falco cherrug live in open terrain.

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Falconry, once an important means to supplement diet of inhabitants of the deserts of Middle East countries, is now enjoyed more as a traditional sport of hunting.

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Falcons are best known for their aggression and exceptional flying capabilities. Falcon bird is one of the fastest flying species on this planet. Talking about flying, they are lightning fast. They possess tempered wings that allow them to change their direction very quickly or abruptly. These super quick birds may reach speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour! It is one of the interesting falcon bird facts that is that wguke = stooping or capturing pray, they get even faster, reaching a speed of up to 238mph! These elite predators possess stunning hunting skills. Falcons have a fantastic sense of sight that enables them to locate their prey from almost a mile away. They brutally dive at the prey, grab it and kill it instantly. This ruthless creature shows no mercy towards its prey. Just keep on reading the article so that you may find interesting falcon information.

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The Saker falcons and their prey houbara are held in high regard, reminiscent of the desert life that is now vanishing. Falconry, like camel racing and horse riding, is a traditional quest in most countries of the Middle East.

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Despite their large size, aggression and ruthlessness, falcons have few natural predators and even fewer that are actually airborne. Among their major ground predators are humans and wolves. Airborne creatures like eagles and large owls have been known to hunt smaller species of falcons. Their eggs and chicks experience a constant threat of being eaten by other predators.