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Oct 15, 2007 · Hi Guys,I just started a new job and wanted to know if this is fair. The contract stated that I will be doing 40 hours a week with some non-paid over time (Whic

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Why can’t we use the millions of pounds that we give to the EU every week to pay for protecting our borders,increase our security, we are a relativley small island that is starting to get very crowded, we have British people out of work and lots of immergrants working and sending there money out of the country,it has been said that the immergrants do the work that the British won’t do, the fact is that there are many British unemployed people that are more than capable of unskilled labour but don’t want to, able bodied British people that are capable of work should have there benefit stopped if they refuse to help the country out with unpaid work.
Many of the countries that are in the EU are in financial trouble, many have had to be bailed out with huge loans, so how would we be worse off by not being part of the EU.
The fact is that with the £200 Million we give them each week spent on us we would be better placed to keep Britain safe.
Less immergrants means less pressure on our hospitals and our benefit system, We have already let too many unskilled people in,we give them money and houses when there are British people homeless, ex-forces people who have served our country living on the streets with empty stomachs.
Who is planting the bombs, who is thretening us, we should vet every person coming into the country the same as Australia does.
Voting to come out of the EU should be thought about as it could be beneficial.

I’m a romanian living and working in Wales for 10 years

Women Who Don’t Reproduce Hurt Society – Return Of …
Why would you charge me if I pay taxes and a lot of money for NHS every month deducted from my salary?(don’t get me wrong pay taxes and contribute to the health system is the key things that everybody Must do)
But charging working professionals just because they did not born in a country seems a little unfair.
What makes you a better contributor from the government point of view ?


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Germany will have two competing self interests to balance, one is the benefit of a free trade deal with the UK (which ordinarily would be what they want if we were oustide of the EU coming in), and the other is the significantly more important one of protection of the EU project and the integrity of the single market. Given they export to us, and 26 other countries in the EU that make up the bulk of their trade (who are also dependent on the project succeeding), the latter is going to take priority by far.
But this is just defending national interest, just like we would. Imagine if we had a similar situation to Germany with an utter reliance on the EU system working for us, we helped set up and pay for the club, and one of the countries were to threaten to leave. Do you think we would not act in a similar way? Would we not want that to be seen by others as a more costly option than staying in the club?
There’s nothing surprising in this at all. it’s like complaing that you get to play golf at the local golf course for free in exchange for a membership fee, and then when you decide not pay that membership fee complain that it’s more expensive to play. The reason it’s more expensive is to make it more attractive to be in the club, and less attractive to leave.

The Oldest and youngest people cost society most so chances are the cost/ benefit would weigh in favour of them living over seas. I agree that illegal migration should be a matter for the border services, but the illegal immigrants are not the European citizens who migrate here for economic reasons to work and have a better life.
The (non Irish or UK)European citizens I see day to day in my work and home life tend to work in low pay jobs like care, cleaning and shop assistants. My experience of those I know is that they are hard working, reliable, culturally nuanced( this can sometimes be an important issue in care situations ). It is hard to recruit good people so I welcome them.
The current system where EU citizens can go to a country and compete for work seems good to me, you get people applying for jobs with gumption, who fit fairly easily in to the culture and bring a good work ethic and most importantly are willing to work for low(ish). I can’t see how using immigration services to assign points to a candidate as to their suitability will make things better. How many points would you need to clean? I would anticipate that We would lose EU candidates – they would simply go elsewhere, so either pay would increase making care even less affordable or recruitment would need to focus more on developing countries where there are more push factors. But it would be more expensive and time consuming and I suspect there be less effective competition. So the people you ended up with probably wouldn’t be as good

General Debate 11 January 2018 | Kiwiblog

Those wealthy ex-pats spending their British-paid pensions in this country would boost our economy rather than damage it. But why is this relevant? We’re only interested in expelling illegal immigrants, not those who came here legally, and in preventing the continued influx of people who drain our economy rather than add value to it, and who threaten our way of life. A points based system is the only way forward for the whole of Europe, which needs to wake up to the fact that importing the Third World is only going to regress the entire continent and render it unable to provide overseas aid to the poorest countries in future.

Stop at a 4-way stop in South Africa?

Absolute nonsense. British living abroad benefit the countries they live in, by spending money, we do not go abroad to sponge off other nations welfare systems, they would not allow us too. On the other hand the majority of the immigration we have to endure are from poor people with little education etc coming here to claim benefits that in my opinion they are not entitled too because they have never contributed to our system. That is why the majority of us voted out, because we are sick of being taken for a ride by the corrupt EU and the poorer, former Eastern Bloc countries.

Nobody does that for fear of carjackings

Anthony John "Tony" Abbott was born in London on 4 November 1957 and is currently the Leader of the Opposition in the Australian House of Representatives and federal leader of the centre-right Liberal Party of Australia, but very soon to be Australia's 28th Prime Minister as a result of the September 2013 elections.
After the defeat of the Howard government at the 2007 federal election, he was Shadow Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs until he resigned from Malcolm Turnbull's shadow cabinet on 26 November 2009 in protest against Liberal Party support for an Emissions Trading Scheme.
His earlier pursuits in life included boxing, a stint as a journalist, and studies for Catholic Priesthood, but this only earned him the "Mad Monk" title and he moved on to other things. He also had a preggo girlfriend when he was 19 years old, and although he did not keep in touch with either her or the child that was adopted by others, amazingly enough this child was decades later working for the ABC at Parliament House (it's a small world, ain't it? but DNA test revelead that the girlfriend had been rooting around as Tony was found to be not the father.
Tony is against gay marriage (although he has a lesbian sister), abortion and euthanasia, which I personally find a backward train of thought, why should you let people suffer more than animals when they are in pain and going to die anyway?
In 1998, Tony established a trust fund called "Australians for Honest Politics Trust" to help finance civil court cases against the One Nation party and its founders, Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge. Prosecution resulted in Hanson & Ettridge being imprisoned. The conviction against Hanson was ultimately overturned and she was released from jail again.
The Abbott Coalition opposition was defeated at the 2010 federal election by the incumbent Julia Gillard Labor government, who formed a minority government after gaining support of an Australian Greens MP and three independent MPs. Abbott was re-elected unopposed to the party leadership following the election.
Tony worked hard to stop Julia (or Ju-Liar as he calls her) from introducing her carbon tax and has promised to repeal the law when he becomes PM.
Tony did cop some criticism for the type of banners used at the carbon tax protest rally, the banner DITCH THE WITCH with Julia flying on a broom was considered to be not in good taste and Bob Brown did not appreciate the big banner with the text " JULIAR, BOB BROWN'S BITCH". Fair enough, Bob is gay so what would he want a female bitch for?
During the 2013 election campaign he copped some criticism for using the word sex appeal in connection with a female party member. He laughed it off as irrelevant but Kevin Rudd launched into a tirade that sexism has no place in today's world, forgetting that only a few years ago he himself was accused of touching strippers in a New York nightclub to which he replied; I dunno, I was too drunk to remember...