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Gene tirelessly climbed every mountain with courage and grace articulating truth in a field meriting serious scientific investigation of anomalous energy phenomena despite constant criticism from ignorant skeptics who refused to examine even the best peer-reviewed data. One of the best examples of his battles was when he eviscerated Professor Bob Park's book "Voodoo Science."

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Title: Resourcing New Field Education Supervisors for the Ministry of Supervision Presenter: The Rev. Allison St. Louis, Ph.D., Director of Field Education and The Second Three Years Program, Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Time: 11:00 a.m.-12 noon (EST) This webinar is designed […]


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Theological field education, in which a ministry student steps out of the classroom and begins practicing with the supervision of a mentor, is a critical part of accredited ministry programs. (2017) equips both students and their supervisor-mentors to engage in this important opportunity with energy and imagination, and it prepares students for the challenging work of integrating theory into real-world practice. Engage provides coaching from recognized experts in the arts of ministry: preaching, administration, evangelism, pastoral care, public ministry, leadership, faith formation, liturgical arts and more. Other chapters address themes such as race, gender, and ministry across faith traditions (or no faith tradition). The book addresses field education in a range of contexts—from churches to non-profits. Engage offers a valuable resource for students making the most of their transition from the classroom into real world ministry with all its joys and many challenges.

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In "Field of Dreams," Costner plays Ray Kinsella, a hard-working farmer with a cute little daughter and a supporting wife, Annie, (Amy Madigan) who decides to follow the voice’s instructions and builds a baseball diamond right smack dab in the middle of his cornfield, complete with baselines, a backstop, bleachers and even a few light towers. With the field in place, Ray and his family wait…and wait…and wait…and wait for something, anything to happen. Meanwhile, the bills start piling up as half of their cash crop no longer exists.

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For every baseball fan, "Field of Dreams" is unquestionably a must-see as Costner, Jones and director Phil Alden Robinson treat our wonderful game with the kind of respect and awe we can appreciate. The film is loaded with fascinating baseball history and fantastic interpretations of the game’s rich past. Costner is excellent as Ray, and Liotta fills Shoeless Joe’s…umm, shoes, admirably. But Jones delivers possibly the most memorable performance as his monologue on baseball’s place in American history will send chills down the back of any true enthusiast. And for the casual or non-baseball fan, "Field of Dreams" still delivers the kind of story that’ll keep you entertained while also giving you an appreciation for the game. Quite simply one of the best sports movies ever.

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His latest triumph was to reverse over a decade of ignorance at the Department of Energy by presenting compelling evidence of anomalous reactions of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). DOE's decision to review the files on LENR aka Cold Fusion could possibly open a new area of scientific inquiry that has been closed since 1989. This was a triumph not just for Gene personally, but for every scientist who spoke as lone voices in large auditoriums. Gene's voice gave courage to those brave individuals who toiled in their laboratories, struggling to survive with virtually no funding. Despite their challenges, many developed innovative ways produce low energy nuclear reactions. Researchers often put their careers in jeopardy, and some only approached this field when a retirement pension was assured.

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(WTNH, May 17, 2004 5:30 PM) _ Still no arrests in the case of a New Hampshire man who was found murdered in Norwich.

Police found the author from New Hampshire beaten to death Friday night.

* Watch the story by News Channel 8's Tina Detelj

Josephine Mikutel has fond memories of the boy who lived across the street.

Mikutel says."My children all grew up with him and they all played."

Now though she watches the empty house where that boy who became a prominent scientist was murdered Friday night.

Mikutel says,"I'm kind of down in the dumps."

As is Francis Durga, a childhood friend of 56-year-old Dr. Eugene Mallove who lived in Pembroke, New Hampshire. Durga says Mallove came back to his boyhood home on Friday to clean it up after his tenants moved out.

Durga says,"We were together until approximately seven o'clock. When I drove out of there at eight his van was gone."

Lt. Tim Menard, Norwich police, says,"He was found outside of the house and he had a blunt force trauma to his face and neck."

Fran Durga who has always kept an eye on this house for Dr. Mallove says he never say anyone come by on Friday, although the doctor did tell him three people did stop by to ask about renting the house. That sign now sits on the top of the dumpster.

Which is where Durga believes conspiracy theories surrounding Mallove's work with the controversial theory cold fusion which says you can get energy without cost or pollution - belong.

Durga says,"I gotta tell you, I think that's hogwash."

Police believe the most likely motive is robbery and Mallove's mini van which was later found at Foxwoods casino may be the key to finding his killers.

Lt. Tim Menard, Norwich Police, says,"The biggest thing is anyone seen with his vehicle."