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Folklore of Russia is folklore of Russians and other ethnic groups of Russia

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The book also reported the findings of his research into folk remedies, including acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, and the health management method called doin.

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The manor, idyllically situated overlooking Hellbrunn Park, houses a collection of regional folklore with objects of popular customs and piety, furnishings, popular medicine and a number of beautiful Trachten (traditional costumes) worn in the Salzburg valley regions.


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All the folkmedicine remedies used in the treatment of arthritis are those that endthe permanent activity of the energy expending mechanism and bring peaceand quiet to the body." This classic book should be considered in any homemedical library.

A place to start with folklore scholarship is with a number of textbooks and sites that cover folklore globally or broadly within national boundaries. These summative texts typically make an effort to show “folklore” as an umbrella term for social and material traditions in addition to oral genres. They also strive to show a range of groups for which folklore is frequently used to mark identity: including ethnicity, religion, region, occupation, age, gender, and sexuality. has gone through several editions and emphasizes definitions of different forms of folklore. contains essays on prominent genres and groups and includes a section on documenting folklore. and emphasize performance-centered approaches to modern folklore, whereas is organized according to different perspectives, including historical uses of folklore. Materials issued by the survey a diversity of cultures in the United States and encourage localized fieldwork on everyday life and folk arts in community contexts.

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Yanauluha is the benevolent culture hero of Zuni mythology (sometimes referred to as a "transformer" by folklorists.) Unlike culture heroes in some tribes, Yanauluha is not a trickster figure but rather a dignified hero who teaches the Zunis thearts of medicine and agriculture.