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Permissible activities include (also see more information under the Recreation menu):

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Part 4 — Use of Recreation Sites, Recreation Trails and Interpretive Forest Sites
A person must not park a motor vehicle on a recreation trail, or on the developed portion of either a recreation site or an interpretive forest site, in a manner that impedes traffic or inhibits a person from using the site or trail.

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on or into the developed portion of a recreation site or interpretive forest site, or
NFRA offers many ways to be a member, and we're certain there's something that will fit for you. We represent many recreation businesses located on national forests throughout the country. If you operate on federal lands NFRA provides services that can help you.


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to remove the pet from the recreation site, recreation trail or interpretive forest site.
A recreation officer may establish rules for the use of a recreation site, recreation trail or interpretive forest site, other than a matter referred to in subsection (2), by posting a sign containing the rules to be followed at the site or trail.

A person who camps at a recreation site where a fee for camping is required under section 22 must
The Duke Forest is private land owned and managed by Duke University as an outdoor laboratory. Limited public recreation is permitted in the Duke Forest as long as it does not conflict with teaching and research projects and provided that regulations and safety instructions are followed. Use of the Duke Forest is at your own risk.

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Parks with a diverse terrain, suitable for sightseeing, fishing, relaxation, recreation, mountain climbing and winter sports. That offers opportunities for excursions, skiing, sky sports, mountain climbing, etc.

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Before establishing, amending or cancelling an order that restricts, prohibits or attaches a condition to a recreation use on Crown land under section 58 (1) (b) of the Act, the minister must publish in a newspaper a notice stating the following:

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For the purposes of section 57 (1) of the Act, a person who is required to obtain the authorization of the minister before constructing, rehabilitating or maintaining a trail or recreation facility on Crown land must deliver a proposal regarding the matter to the minister.

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A person must not operate a motor vehicle or a bicycle on a recreation site, recreation trail or interpretive forest site in a manner that is likely to do any of the following:

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A person must not operate a motor vehicle on the developed portion of a recreation site or interpretive forest site at a speed exceeding 20 km/hr.