• Define hate speech.
  • What is “hate speech”?
  • You need define ‘hate speech’ before you can ban it.

hate speech law is a door to helltotal freedom of speech is a door to hell

YesHate speech will bannedWe most promote love Peace humanity

You need define ‘hate speech’ before you can ban it.

Freedow is democracy and never crime ! Let’s to respect Human Rights in the world…
Hate leads to anger and anger leads to violence, not everybody is able to argue or to debate so this is a sensitive question, we are not allowed to hurt the other, words can bless and provocate violence we saw that more than once in history.

there shouldnt be any hate speech…

“Hate speech”, happens when you remove the value of respect from your culture.
free speech always refers to violent hate speech, but what about data security? i see so many people posting details of neighbours etc. that is violence of privacy and just as serious!


There should be absolutely NO limits, whatever the speech might be.-

@DEBATINGEUROPEIs the following paragraph ‘hate speech’ or just pure and simple f’actual speech’?:
Broadly speaking, I would agree with Leo, and agree that there are of course always limitations on various different rights and freedoms that we enjoy in society. But we have to be very careful where we place those limits, and not regulate or prohibit speech too easily or quickly. So, if we want to have a standard for when restrictions or limitations should come in, then I think calls for incitement to imminent violence and unlawful acts should be where we put those limitations. But a racist comment in and of itself, while we would disagree with that comment and not want it said, we shouldn’t be invoking the criminal law to ban it.

Just because somebody is making racist comments or general hate speech without explicitly calling for physical attacks does not mean that their speech won’t lead to physical attacks. Incitement to racial hatred includes racist or anti-Semitic comments that create an atmosphere of general hate in a society. Because it’s that atmosphere of hatred that will lead to physical attacks and assaults in the street, even if the person that made the speech in the beginning didn’t intend violence, that’s what hatred leads to. And we have a lot of cases of that happening in Europe historically.

So hate speech and calls for genocide are ok? Are you a jihadist?

I think we have to be very careful before we decide that a harm has been committed, and psychological violence has occurred that can then be penalised within the criminal law. I know this is one of the arguments in favour of hate speech laws, but as soon as you start trying to regulate what can and can’t be said it then becomes incredibly difficult.

Always the idiot.. can you provide an example of liberal hate speech?

To get a response to Inês, we spoke to Bridget O’Loughlin, Campaign Coordinator of the No Hate Speech Movement for the Council of Europe. What would she say?

Some more liberal hate speech,

I think this is an extremely pertinent question, and it’s certainly one that many people have been grappling with for some time now… Clearly, you have to be very, very careful because repressive governments have been known to use issues like hate speech to shut down social media and websites without just cause… This is something we need to guard against, and is why we need to look to instruments like the European Convention on Human Rights, and the way it’s been interpreted by the European Court of Human Rights, which has a lot of jurisprudence, a lot of case law, on the limits to freedom of speech in terms of hate speech, or incitement to criminal action or racism, etc.

There are no hate speech in Europe. It’s only healthy nationalism.

As soon as you’re speaking or writing in the public domain – be that speaking on a soap box in the street corner, or writing an article in a newspaper, or writing a blog which is sent out to millions of people on the internet – you’re in a public area and there have to be some limits on what you are or are not allowed to say… But, clearly, we also have to protect freedom of speech and not let this fight against hate speech be used as an excuse, which I think it is sometimes, to limit freedom of expression.