• edited by Carol Rittner, R.S.M.
  • Foreword by Elie Wiesel.
  • A film of the same title is also available.

Still, it is imperative that the worldrecognize and remember the stories of those who helped save Nazi victims from persecution.

Recommended for junior high school and high school students.

Recommended for junior high school students.

The book also provides some basic background information about the Holocaust.
Note that the card is coded op.15, and the Cornflakes booklet from the OSS Archives directly below is op.14. That seems to tie this all together.

He is credited with saving the lives of two to three thousand people.

His real intention was to help smuggle Jews through the tightly controlled French borders.
The leaflet is dated 30 January 1945, the 12th anniversary of Hitler's ascension to power. It was prepared by the , ("Propaganda Center") and coded in Roman numerals "XXIII." The mention of September 8th at the start of the message is in regard to the Italian surrender to Allied forces at 1830 on that date in 1943. It is curious that the Germans claim that the Americans are taking away Italy’s art objects. The Germans were crating and stealing art all over Europe to be placed in Hitler’s proposed German art center in Linz.


Schindler began to intercede from within the German system itself.

Potential themes should be continuously developed during the target analysis process. Three categories of themes are particularly prominent. Awareness of these categories may assist in recognizing issue around which themes may be developed. The first of these categories is In-Group/Out-Group. These themes should be designed to create an In-Group awareness within the target audience and thereby encourage hostility to ward the Out-Group.

Although the above recommendation was written for US Army propagandists, it could have just as well been written for the German leaflet writers. In this article we have depicted those leaflets produced by Nazi Germany and dropped on Allied troops during World War II that featured the In-Group/Out-Group theme of anti-Semitism. It is a large field and there are over one hundred such leaflets known. We make no attempt to show them all; just a sampling of the more interesting ones.

His name will never be forgotten as a heroic Righteous Gentile.

There are many ways to collect and categorize propaganda leaflets. It can be done by theme, wars, chronologically, or even nations. I have always found themes an interesting way to study the leaflets and have written articles on leaflets in the form of stamps, currency, safe conduct passes and those that offer rewards. The subject is endless since leaflets have been dropped in the billions during mankind’s many war and conflicts.

Both are recommended for high school students.

We find many comments on the partnership between the two men and their agencies in telegrams that Dulles sent back to headquarters in Washington D.C. For instance:

Whether in original paper form or non-paper form, they take up space.

Russ Roberts: And I think even though I'm a big fan of civil society and private initiative and voluntary solutions from the bottom up rather than the top down, I think, you know, I think there's a lot to be said for , and . I know there's an argument to be made for it. I know what the argument is--that it overcomes a free rider problem. And that's all true. But I think that's not--again, even not enough, either. That doesn't prove that it's good to have tax deductibility. As you point out, it gives very wealthy people large control over large amounts of money that are much larger than they otherwise would be, because of this tax policy.

We relish the thought of a big thief somehow showing up again.

We cannot say for sure that this is Gerry Mayer (at right) with Allen Dulles, but the photograph was found in a book belonging to Mayer. If this is his picture it is the only one I have ever seen of the secretive “spy.” Gerry Mayer was the Chief of the United States Office of War Information (OWI) in Bern, Switzerland and the “Special Assistant” to the American Ambassador. He was of German Jewish descent and spoke perfect German. His apartment was at 97. Mayer sent thousands of leaflets, pamphlets, newspaper, brochures and other printed matter to the enemy during the war. Mayer worked closely with Allen Dulles and was of inestimable help to him. The OWI and OSS offices were in the same Bern building, the OWI on the first floor and the OSS on the second, third and fourth floors of 26.