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Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is considered a novel that embodies America in the 1920s.

Scott Fitzgerald?s The Great Gatsby symbolizes the American dream.

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Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, is known as the American Dream.
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Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, puts this premise to the test while also warning against the dangers of believing too passionately in any dream.

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The Great Gatsby is all about time and the American dream; it is essentially what consumes Gatsby.
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The central character, Jay Gatsby, "proves a tragic hero who succeeds financially but fails emotionally when he attempts to hold onto something from the past"(Mizener 126). Gatsby not only possesses imaginative dreams, but also idealistic illusions....


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All of Fitzgerald's characters had a Dream, however, Jay Gatsby’s dream stood out above the others.
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In James Truslow Adams 1931 work The Epic of America defined the myth as “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement.” Fitzgerald focuses on the struggle of human beings trying to achieve their goals by both transcending and re-creating the past, Jay Gatsby....

As what Marius Bewley argued, The Great Gatsby, written by American writer F.
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Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby is a man that comes up from nothing and becomes involved in criminal activity to live out his version of the American Dream.

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Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby The American Dream, a long standing ideal embodies the hope that one can achieve financial success, political power, and everlasting love through dedication and hard work.

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Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby achieves the American Dream, but his unrealistic faiths in money and life’s possibilities twist his dreams and life into useless life based on lies.

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Both Kane and Gatsby are representations of the American dream, and as we read into their stories we see that time and the dream become so intertwined that it is hard to see them apart....

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Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby, the characters truly believe that they can have everything they ever dream for and have a life that others will envy.

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In his novel, Fitzgerald criticizes the American Dream by describing its negative characteristics: class struggles between the rich and the poor, the superficiality of the rich, and the false relationship between money and happiness....

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The Great Gatsby is a tightly structured, symbolically compressed novel whose predominant images and symbols reinforce the idea that Gatsby's dream exists on borrowed time....